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Wifi Channel Watcher for GNU/Linux-based desktop environments

Monitor channel usage of neighboring routers / access points and get a desktop alert if your active channel is not optimal (has more than 1 user on it, other than you). Troubleshoot your wifi without lifting a finger!

Additional options:

  • Suggest a better, less congested channel
  • MAC address/BSSID lookups of neighbors - Useful when troubleshooting rogue access points or evil twin attacks
  • MAC address caching - No need to pull lookups from the internet when most neighboring routers are likely static
  • Enterprise access point lookup - Useful when you have several access points with the same SSID; reference a list of BSSIDs and easily set custom identifiers (see 'Full Detail' screenshot)

Better Channel Suggestion

Better wifi channel suggestion

Full Detail

Wifi channel warning - SSID, BSSID & Access Point Names

Without Custom Access Point Lookups

Wifi channel warning - SSID, BSSID & Access Point Names

Minimum Detail

Wifi channel warning - minimum detail


This script can be cloned and run manually, or added as a service that runs on a scheduled interval.

See detailed install instructions for built-in systemd user service options (no sudo/root needed).

  • After installing dependencies (most Gnome users may already have them), clone the repo to a directory on your hard drive.

    git clone

    That's it.

    You can manually run the script any time via command-line:



If you previously cloned this repo (prior to the version(s) mentioned, you'll have to add the new config variables to ~/.config/wifi-channel-watcher/config.conf in order for your existing config to be read by the script.

You can also simply delete the folder: ~/.config/wifi-channel-watcher and re-run the script to re-initialize setup (wipe existing config) to take effect, also.

Prior to v1.3.0

  • Add the following to your ~/.config/wifi-channel-watcher/config.conf file:
    These options move the channel selections from being hardcoded, to give the user greater control over what channels are considered or ignored.

Prior to v1.2.0

  • Add the v1.3.0 changes above
  • Add the new THRESHOLD variable to your ~/.config/wifi-channel-watcher/config.conf file:
    Threshold is the greater than or equal to value, for how many are on your channel (excluding you) before you get a notification.


All customizations are optional, in most cases, the script will work out of the box.

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