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This repository is mostly for maintaining my Emacs configuration, although it includes some useful scripts and settings for different Linux related tools. There also were configurations for Kakoune and NeoVim editors, which I no longer use, but configuration files still may be useful for someone else.


The structure of this repository is pretty simple. Each directory that is named along with default system name contains files that should be copied or sym-linked to corresponding system directory. All hidden files at the root of the repository should be copied of sym-linked to home directory. I should really write a script this does it automatically, but for now here's a mapping diagram:

.dotfiles               ~> /home/$USER
├── .bashrc             ~> ├── .bashrc
├── .config/*           ~> ├── .config/
├── .config/emacs       ~> ├── .emacs.d (for pre Emacs 27 users)
├── c_project_template     │
├── .editorconfig       ~> ├── .editorconfig
├── .git/                  │
├── .gitignore             │
├── .gitconfig         ~?> ├── .gitconfig
├── .inputrc            ~> ├── .inputrc
├──              │
├── scripts                │
└── .tmux.conf          ~> └── .tmux.conf

These directories and files should be excluded from copying or sym-linking:

  • .git, .gitignore, - obviously, there's no need to copy these files to your home directory, as those are git related files.
  • .gitconfig defines some git aliases and settings, and supports loading .gitconfig.local if you want to override anything. Include it if you want.
  • c_project_template - is a template for creating a C project, that is used by a script placed in scripts directory.
  • scripts - directory stores scripts that I use directly from there, either by sourcing or by invoking from $PATH.
  • .config directory should not be sym-linked to home directory, since all your configuration files will be visible to git. Only files that inside this directory should be copied or sym-linked.

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