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⚠️ This is project is not actively maintained: Use insulator2 instead


A tool for devs to debug Kafka based applications and services

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Download the binary from the latest release for your OS. Learn more here.

Mac release Windows release Debian release

brew cask install andrewinci/tap/insulator

Key Features

  • Clusters
    • Authentication with: PLAN, SSL and SASL (SCRAM or PLAIN) authentication
  • Topics
    • List available topics
    • Messages count and basic topic info
    • Delete a topic
    • Create a topic with basic configuration (Compaction policy, #Partitions, ...)
    • Topic configurations
  • Consumer
    • Avro and String deserialization
    • Seek based on record timestamp
    • Easy search and filtering
  • Schema registry
    • List subjects
    • Show all schema versions for a given subject
  • Producer
    • Avro producer with autocompletion based on the schema
    • String producer
    • Send tombstones
  • Consumer groups
  • List consumer groups
  • Show topics, partitions and lags
  • Delete consumer groups
  • Cross platform
    • Windows, macOS and Linux ready.
  • Dark/Light theme
  • Auto-update
  • ReadOnly mode


The JDK version used is the adoptjdk 14.

To run the integration tests in headless mode, run

export _JAVA_OPTIONS="-Djava.awt.headless=true -Dtestfx.robot=glass -Dtestfx.headless=true -Dprism.order=sw -Dprism.text=t2k  -Dtestfx.setup.timeout=2500 -Dheadless.geometry=1920x1080-64"
./gradlew app:integrationTest

To package the app, JPackage is used. The call is wrapped into the gradle task app:packageApp. Notice that, to package the app in Ubuntu, binutils and fakeroot are required. See for more info.

Build the documentation

The documentation for the github page is available under the /docs/ folder. To build and serve it, use the following.

bundle exec jekyll serve

Use a specific GH (pre)release in the bootstrap

At startup, the bootstrap checks if a DEV_MODE file with the release tag is available.

echo "<version-tag>" > ~/Library/Application\ Support/insulator/DEV_MODE

# Linux
echo "<version-tag>" > ~/.config/Insulator/DEV_MODE





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