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Periodic Table

This package is a wrapper for a dataset of periodic elements. These elements were taken from a modified Penn State CS class CSV file, transformed into JSON, and then wrapped in some pretty JavaScript accessors.

npm install periodic-table


var pt = require('periodic-table');

// entire dataset
var allElements = pt.all();

// single elements by name
var he = pt.elements.Helium;

// single elements by symbol
var he = pt.symbols.He;

// single elements by atomic number
var he = pt.numbers[2];

var util = require('periodic-table/util');

// atomic mass of molecule
// atomicMass("[Element][Number] [Element][Number] ...")
// parenthesis around elements not supported..yet
var waterMass = util.atomicMass("H2 O");
var organicMass = util.atomicMass("C12 H22 O11");

Sample data

{ atomicNumber: 1,
  symbol: 'H',
  name: 'Hydrogen',
  atomicMass: '1.00794(4)',
  cpkHexColor: 'FFFFFF',
  electronicConfiguration: '1s1',
  electronegativity: 2.2,
  atomicRadius: 37,
  ionRadius: '',
  vanDelWaalsRadius: 120,
  ionizationEnergy: 1312,
  electronAffinity: -73,
  oxidationStates: '-1, 1',
  standardState: 'gas',
  bondingType: 'diatomic',
  meltingPoint: 14,
  boilingPoint: 20,
  density: 0.0899,
  groupBlock: 'nonmetal',
  yearDiscovered: 1766 


Is any table information wrong? Does some field need to be added or better formatted? Is there a more reliable source of information to work with? Open an issue or be even cooler and open a pull-request.

# running tests
npm run test

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