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Amnezia VPN

The best client for self-hosted VPN

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Amnezia is a VPN client with the key feature of deploying your own VPN server on you virtual server.


  • Very easy to use - enter your ip address, ssh login and password, and Amnezia client will automatically install VPN docker containers to your server and connect to VPN.
  • OpenVPN and OpenVPN over ShadowSocks protocols support.
  • Custom VPN routing mode support - add any sites to client to enable VPN only for them.
  • Windows and MacOS support.
  • Unsecure sharing connection profile for family use.


AmneziaVPN uses a number of open source projects to work:


Want to contribute? Welcome!

Building sources and deployment

Easiest way to build your own executables - is to fork project and configure Travis CI
Or you can build sources manually using Qt Creator. Qt >= 14.2 supported.
Look to the and build_windows.bat scripts in deploy folder for details.


GPL v.3

Contacts - Telegram support channel (English) - Telegram support channel (Russian) - Signal channel - project website


Bitcoin: bc1qn9rhsffuxwnhcuuu4qzrwp4upkrq94xnh8r26u
XMR: 48spms39jt1L2L5vyw2RQW6CXD6odUd4jFu19GZcDyKKQV9U88wsJVjSbL4CfRys37jVMdoaWVPSvezCQPhHXUW5UKLqUp3 P2561305

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