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Adder 🧮

This is a simple game 🕹 with two controls. It requires the user to guess if a mathematical equation (only addition, because it's 'Adder') is correct.

Why this simple game? 🤔

This is game is simple, right?

Well, anyone could have made this game in matter of hours but this project is not focused on the game 🎮 but on the architecture 🏗.
This game is kept simple so as to allow people of all skill levels‍ to appreciate the clean code 💻 and, if possible, take away a few good ideas 💡.

Getting Started

  1. Clone the project.
  2. Run flutter pub get to get the dependencies.
  3. Run flutter pub run build_runner build inside the project for code generation.‍
  4. Connect you device.
  5. Run flutter run to run the application.

What next? 🛠

Well, you can create pull requests. It would be happily 😃 merged as long as the code is clean and architecture is intact 💪🏻.
For example, you can work on beautifying 💇🏻‍♀️ the UI or extend the app for more than just addition.

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