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Just-in-Time Compilation for Berkeley Packet Filter

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You need sljit ( and mk-configure ( to build bpfjit.

It is recommended to use pkgsrc and install devel/mk-configure. The pkgsrc guide is available at

The sljit code must be at revision around 8d536bf7c334f9e31a5cc366e5d5d8cd1cd431b1 or newer, try getting the latest version and checking whether it works:

$ git clone [email protected]:/zherczeg/sljit.git

$ tar cf sljit-latest.tar sljit/


Extract sljit tarball to sljit/ subdirectory. Make sure you pass --keep-old-files (-k) option to tar to keep Makefiles from bpfjit.

$ cd sljit/

$ tar kxf /path/to/sljit-latest.tar

Then you can build bpfjit with this command

$ mkcmake

and install:

$ export DESTDIR=/path/of/your/choice

$ env PREFIX=/ mkcmake install



$ cd ${DESTDIR}

$ ./bin/bpfjit_test

$ echo $?

You should see zero exit status.


Just build the package, install it and link the library using the -lbpfjit flag.

  • RPM (tested on RHEL/CentOS 7): make rpm
  • DEB (tested on Debian 9): make deb

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