A repository of allometric model files and parameters.
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This repository stores allometric models used in the R package allometric. Because there are thousands of allometric models in existence, a separate repository is needed to store and track their development. This repository is used for this purpose. We treat models as a data repository, and not as an R package.

Users interested in contributing models to allometric are in the right location.

Users interested in using allometric models for analysis, please refer to the allometric package.

How Can I Help?

The primary benefit of allometric is an open source platform such that anyone can contribute allometric models. Here is a list of items you can help with, ranked from least to most difficult.

  1. Add missing publications as an Issue. We always need help finding publications to add. If you know of a publication that is missing, feel free to add it as an Issue and we will eventually install the models contained inside.
  2. Find source material for a publication. Some publications are missing their original source material. Usually these are very old legacy publications. If you know where a publication might be found, or who to contact, leave a note on any of these issues.
  3. Help us digitize publications. We always need help digitizing legacy reports, at this link you will find a list of reports that need manual digitization. These can be handled by anyone with Excel and a cup of coffee.
  4. Learn how to install and write models. Motivated users can learn how to install models directly using the package functions and git pull requests. Users comfortable with R and git can handle this task.

Other ideas? Contact [email protected] to help out.

Versioning (Developers Only)

This repository is versioned separately from allometric using semantic-release, a Node.js tool that facilitates semantic versioning. This enables a rigid release framework for new allometric models and modifications therein.

To install the versioning dependencies: npm install To create a release commit: npx semantic-release --no-ci

Versioning Philosophy:

  • Breaking releases - Occur only when breaking changes happen to allometric/models, this might occur do to downstream effects on allometric/allometric or other software. These should be exceptionally rare.
  • Feature releases - Are meant to accommodate batch releases of several publications at a time. New publications should be added as feat. These should occur for every 3-7 new publications.
  • Fix releases - Are meant to accommodate edits to publication files and parameters, but not additions. Edits to models should be added as fix and a new release should be made for each fix.
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