Cloudflare + Google = supercharged web surfing
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Post Mortems10,152
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A collection of postmortems. Sorry for the delay in merging PRs!
Encrypted Dns1,898
15 days ago10unlicense
DNS over HTTPS config profiles for iOS & macOS
3 months ago53mitHTML
A Google Drive Index built with Vue Running on CloudFlare Workers
3 months ago56JavaScript
Index your Google Drive
a year ago30mitJavaScript
reverse proxy, 反向代理,免翻墙访问Youtube/twitter/Google, 支持telegram web登录。请勿将本项目用于非法用途,否则后果自负。
43 years ago16January 01, 20191apache-2.0Go
A DNS-protocol proxy for DNS-over-HTTPS providers, such as Google and Cloudflare
3 months ago38March 24, 2022mitJavaScript
Netlify replacement to deploy simple websites with better flexibility, speed and without vendor lock-in
Cloudflare Workers Async Google Analytics149
2 years ago5June 16, 20201mitJavaScript
:cloud: The Cloudflare Workers implementation of an async Google Analytics
4 months ago2mitTypeScript
Cloudflare + Google = supercharged web surfing
Gargantuan Takeout Rocket101
2 months ago3
🚀 Backup Google Takeout archives (YouTube channel and Google Photos) at 1GB/s+ to Azure Storage periodically with minimal human toil and financial cost
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Supercharge your searching with a simple cloudflare worker.

Setup Guide:

Add as a custom search engine to your browser. For Chrome/Chromium and Firefox/Waterfox, you would need to add %s on the end of that. Consult your browser's documentation for relevant information.

Fallback Engines

If you prefer duckduckgo, you can set your URL to the following to have your searched routed through that instead:{q}


Usage Guide:

Using your browser as normal will funnel searches through to google's search engine (or a custom set one as shown in 'Fallback Engines').

To use the powerful part of this project and search through a variety of mainstream sites use the ![site] [search data] structure to search any search data on any of the specific sites supported in this project.

Example: !yt cats will search for cats on youtube :)

To see which sites are supported and what their shortcuts are check out /src/links.ts.



Clone this repo into a directory of your choosing

$ git clone cloudflare-worker-search

Install the Cloudflare Wrangler CLI


$ npm install -g wrangler

or install with yarn

$ yarn global add wrangler

Edit wrangler.toml to your liking

Set name to what you want. By default this will be but you can set a custom domain in the worker dashboard

Replace ad270f797e0a3205ac74136dc5b656b1 with your account ID. You can find this by logging into Cloudflare and copying the value after - for example the link's account ID would be ad270f797e0a3205ac74136dc5b656b1

Publish the worker

$ wrangler publish src/index.ts

If it asks you You are about to publish a Workers Service that was last published via the Cloudflare Dashboard. Enter y

The worker should now be working at the domain it gives you

Visual Setup Guide


It says:

alii/search (Can be named whatever)

alii/search (Can also be whatever)

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