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Rebuilding my photography site with Gatsby.js and Contentful API
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Gatsby Starter Prismic389
a year ago13mitJavaScript
Get started with your Photography portfolio with & Gatsby
Gatsby Starter Portfolio Jodie320
2 months ago0bsdTypeScript
Image-heavy photography portfolio with colorful accents & customizable pages. Includes adaptive image grids powered by CSS grid and automatic image integration into projects.
Gatsby Themes295
8 months ago2mitJavaScript
A collection of open source, well designed, highly customizable and 100% free Gatsby themes for blazing fast sites. We are working on the next version of the Flex theme. See
11 days agomitJavaScript
Photo Portfolio w/ Next.js + TailwindCSS + Contentful
Gatsby Source S3 Image37212 years ago445May 26, 202050TypeScript
GatsbyJS plugin to source images from S3-compliant APIs, with EXIF-extracting superpowers.
8 months agomitJavaScript
A portfolio for my personal website highlighting photography, videography, and projects.
4 years agoJavaScript
Workshop In The Woods - A photography workshop in beautiful Lake Tahoe
2 years ago5mitTypeScript
Goodbye Flickr …
Photography Portfolio8
2 years agomitJavaScript
A gatsby photography portfolio starter
Gatsby Theme Serena7
10 months ago1March 20, 20203JavaScript
A minimalist Gatsby theme designed for photography and portfolios — with a masonry grid and lightbox
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Gatsby starter theme integrated with Contentful

Alex Virdee Personal Photography Website


  • Integration with Contentful - automated content model & demo setup
  • Responsive/adaptive images via gatsby-image
  • Uses utility-first TailwindCSS framework
  • Integration with Mailchimp - newsletter form
  • Responsive design (desktop / mobile)

Getting started

Install Node package manager (NPM) (if you haven't already).


To use this project you have to have a Contentful account. If you don't have one yet you can register at

Get the source code and install dependencies.

$ git clone [email protected]:wkocjan/gatsby-contentful-portfolio.git
$ npm install

Set up of the needed content model and create a configuration file

This project comes with a Contentful setup command npm run setup.

This command will ask you for a space ID, and access tokens for the Contentful Management and Delivery API and then import the needed content model into the space you define and write a config file (.env).

Set up Mailchimp

If you want to use built-in integration with Mailchimp, please provide your unique endpoind URL in the .env file (MAILCHIMP_ENDPOINT variable).

Follow this instruction to get the endpoint value.

Crucial Commands

This project comes with a few handy commands for linting and code fixing. The most important ones are the ones to develop and ship code. You can find the most important commands below.

gatsby develop

Run in the project locally.

git pull

Get current state of project from contentful before pushing to gh-pages branch.

gatsby build

Run a production build into ./public. The result is ready to be put on any static hosting you prefer.

Deployed on Netlify

Steps to create a new build

  1. Push new code to github branch
  2. Checkout Prod branch
  3. git fetch
  4. git rebase origin/main
  5. git push

Pushing to prod will create a new build on Netlify.

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