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This library helps with the generation of fingerprints for entity data. A fingerprint in this context is understood as a simplified entity identifier, derived from it's name or address and used for cross-referencing of entity across different datasets.


import fingerprints

fp = fingerprints.generate('Mr. Sherlock Holmes')
assert fp == 'holmes sherlock'

fp = fingerprints.generate('Siemens Aktiengesellschaft')
assert fp == 'ag siemens'

fp = fingerprints.generate('New York, New York')
assert fp == 'new york'

Company type names

A significant part of what fingerprints does it to recognize company legal form names. For example, fingerprints will be able to simplify Общество с ограниченной ответственностью to ООО, or Aktiengesellschaft to AG. The required database is based on two different sources:

Wikipedia also maintains an index of types of business entity.

See also

  • Clustering in Depth, part of the OpenRefine documentation discussing how to create collisions in data clustering.
  • probablepeople, parser for western names made by the brilliant folks at

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