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This project is a fork of Iris Manager originally created by Estwald and D_Skywalk, and modified by aldostools (& at times updated and contributed by other devs, including Joonie, Habib, Alexander, NzV, Orion, EvilNat, etc.).

IRISMAN includes almost all the features of the original backup manager and the following main features, among many others:

  • Extended the support to several CFW up to version 4.78.
  • Changed Sk1e payload to use syscall 38 instead of syscall 8, to avoid conflict with Cobra/MAMBA and legacy apps that use syscall 8.
  • Remapped the buttons to XMB / multiMAN style.
  • Added support for PSP games.
  • Added support retro games (RetroArch has to be installed).
  • Direct launch of multimedia files (Requires SHOWTIME.SELF from multiMAN).
  • Various GUI modes with modifications (XMB-like, coverflow with a bigger image, grid modes from 3x2 up to 8x6)
  • Added option to filter game lists by category, device and name.
  • Support background images from PIC0 and ICON0.
  • Support MP3 as background music and play from File Manager.
  • Several optimizations to File Manager and Hex editor.
  • External Mamba payload files.
  • Support for spoof IDPS and PSID.
  • Access to internet browser.
  • Various tweaks to the GUI.
  • Various tweaks to sm_monitor (aka fan controller).
  • Improved speed of ISO builder.
  • Reformatted style of coding.

Iris Manager

Este es el código fuente de Iris Manager portado a PSL1GHT v2. El código está bajo licencia GPL v3 y los autores ponen como condición adicional que si tu modificas el proyecto lo hagas bajo otro nombre distinto al de "Iris Manager". En este mismo repositorio encontrarás el entorno necesario para poder compilar éste proyecto

This is the souce code of Iris Manager ported to PSL1GHT v2. It is under GPL v3 license and the authors release it with the condition that if the project is modified by others developers, they must release it with other different name of "Iris Manager". You can find the tools to compile the source code in the same repository.

Credits (App/only):

  • Hermes/Estwald : Author, status: retirado (o no?). Me estoy quitando... (que no!), Me estoy quitando...

  • D_Skywalk : Author, status: retirado, sujetando biberones y otra noche sin dormir XD

Muchas gracias a todos los que habéis contribuido de una forma u otra a que ésta aplicación salga adelante y mejore, en especial a la gente de, a Marioga por sacarnos del apuro y compilar los compiladores (complando vooy, compilando vengoo! XD) que uso, a Miralatijera por su CFW 4.31 y las cosas que comparte (está hecho un crack) y seguro que me dejo a alguien mas por ahí, pero que mas dá, si esto es solo un readme para rellenar XD

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