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I don't wanna tell you here what is Data Science? Just telling you one Motivational point that according to statista Data Science is an sexiest job of 2021 and In 4th industrial revolution is maximum work is on Artificial intelligence, DeepLearning, Machine Learning and thses kind of buzz words.If you still want to know more you can read My these articles given below:

  1. Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century
  2. Data Science Process

Class 01 Introduction to python

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is becoming ever more popular for data science. Companies worldwide are using Python to harvest insights from their data and gain a competitive edge. Unlike other Python tutorials, this Notebook focuses on Python specifically for data science. In our Introduction to Python course, youll learn about powerful ways to store and manipulate data, and helpful data science tools to begin conducting your own analyses.

Class 02 Intermediate Python

Learning Python is crucial for any aspiring data science practitioner. Learn to visualize real data with Matplotlib's functions and get acquainted with data structures such as the dictionary and the pandas DataFrame. After covering key concepts such as boolean logic, control flow, and loops in Python, you'll be ready to blend together everything you've learned to solve a case study using hacker statistics.

class 03 Data manipulation with Pandas

pandas is the world's most popular Python library, used for everything from data manipulation to data analysis. In this Notebook, you'll learn how to manipulate DataFrames, as you extract, filter, and transform real-world datasets for analysis. Using pandas youll explore all the core data science concepts. Using real-world data, including Walmart sales figures and global temperature time series, youll learn how to import, clean, calculate statistics, and create visualizationsusing pandas to add to the power of Python!

class 04 Joining data with Pandas

Being able to combine and work with multiple datasets is an essential skill for any aspiring Data Scientist. pandas is a crucial cornerstone of the Python data science ecosystem, with Stack Overflow recording 5 million views for pandas questions. Learn to handle multiple DataFrames by combining, organizing, joining, and reshaping them using pandas. You'll work with datasets from the World Bank and the City Of Chicago. You will finish the course with a solid skillset for data-joining in pandas.

class 05 Introduction to matplotlib

Visualizing data in plots and figures exposes the underlying patterns in the data and provides insights. Good visualizations also help you communicate your data to others, and are useful to data analysts and other consumers of the data. In this class , you will learn how to use Matplotlib, a powerful Python data visualization library. Matplotlib provides the building blocks to create rich visualizations of many different kinds of datasets. You will learn how to create visualizations for different kinds of data and how to customize, automate, and share these visualizations.

class 06 Introduction to seaborn

Seaborn is a powerful Python library that makes it easy to create informative and attractive visualizations. These seabornn Notebooks provides an introduction to Seaborn and teaches you how to visualize your data using plots such as scatter plots, box plots, and bar plots. Youll do this while exploring survey responses about student hobbies and the factors that are associated with academic success. Youll also learn about some of Seaborns advantages as a statistical visualization tool, such as how it automatically calculates confidence intervals. By the end of the notebooks, you will be able to use Seaborn in a variety of situations to explore your data and effectively communicate the results of your data analyses to others.

Python data Sciencce ToolBox

It's time to push forward and develop your Python chops even further. There are tons of fantastic functions in Python and its library ecosystem. However, as a data scientist, you'll constantly need to write your own functions to solve problems that are dictated by your data. You will learn the art of function writing in this first Python Data Science Toolbox course. You'll come out of these Notebooks being able to write your very own custom functions, complete with multiple parameters and multiple return values, along with default arguments and variable-length arguments. You'll gain insight into scoping in Python and be able to write lambda functions and handle errors in your function writing practice. And you'll wrap up each chapter by using your new skills to write functions that analyze Twitter DataFrames.

In this second Python Data Science Toolbox Notebook, you'll continue to build your Python data science skills. First, you'll learn about iterators, objects you have already encountered in the context of for loops. You'll then learn about list comprehensions, which are extremely handy tools for all data scientists working in Python. You'll end the Notebook by working through a case study in which you'll apply all the techniques you learned in both parts of this Notebook "Bringing it all together!"

Intermediate Data Visualization with Seaborn

Do you want to make beautiful, informative visualizations with ease? If so, then you must learn seaborn! Seaborn is a visualization library that is an essential part of the python data science toolkit. In below notebooks, you will learn how to use seaborn's sophisticated visualization tools to analyze multiple real world datasets including the American Housing Survey, college tuition data, and guests from the popular television series, The Daily Show. Following these notebooks, you will be able to use seaborn functions to visualize your data in several different formats and customize seaborn plots for your unique needs.

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