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Our Motivation

At aioneers,we place a lot of importance on giving back to our community.

We operate in the field of supply chains, helping organizations close their supply chain performance gap whilst retaining resilience and furthering sustainability.(See our Manifesto).

We want a part of our work to be providing the supply chain data science community with open source, free-to-usecode for building applications. This will be accompanied by insightfulexplanations and tutorials, so thatdata scientists across the world can achieve the same things we aimfor; strengthened resilience, sustainability, and anoptimizedsupply chain performance.

We happily welcome contributions from anyone sharing the same goal, to build and spread better supply chain data science tools.

We are dedicated to spending up to 5% of our time on sharing, exchanging and curating guides, with the end goal ofaccelerating our communitys efforts to build a more sustainable world.

The documentation can be found here: Documentation Status


Clone the repository

Clone the master branch of the Git repository

$ git clone -b master

Install the Python library

Install the library in a way that the most recent version on the local machine is always used

$ pip install -e aio

Install and configure Azure CLI

For a lot of our functions we use the Azure CLI repository.

To install the current release, Azure CLI is necessary as a prerequisite: Azure CLI

On Windows, the installation guide can be found here: Windows az CLI

On macOS the Azure CLI can be installed with Homebrew on a command line: macOS az CLI

$ brew update && brew install azure-cli

On Linux, the Azure CLI can be installed via apt: Linux az CLI

$ curl -sL | sudo bash

Then the Azure CLI needs to be signed, which is easiest with this command (for all systems):

$ az login

Contribution guidelines

First of all, thank you for considering contributing to this repository. Any contribution, from correcting a typo, forking the repo to adding another function or an insightful tutorial is very welcome.

If you want to contribute to aioneers, be sure to review the contribution guidelines. This project adheres to aioneers' code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code.

We use GitHub issues for tracking requests and bugs and please direct specific questions to maintainer e-mail address.



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