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aiogram is a pretty simple and fully asynchronous framework for Telegram Bot API written in Python 3.7 with asyncio and aiohttp. It helps you to make your bots faster and simpler.


📚 Click to see some basic examples

Few steps before getting started...

  • First, you should obtain token for your bot from BotFather.
  • Install latest stable version of aiogram, simply running pip install aiogram

Simple getMe request

import asyncio
from aiogram import Bot


async def main():
    bot = Bot(token=BOT_TOKEN)

        me = await bot.get_me()
        print(f"🤖 Hello, I'm {me.first_name}.\nHave a nice Day!")
        await bot.close()

Poll BotAPI for updates and process updates

import asyncio
from aiogram import Bot, Dispatcher, types


async def start_handler(event: types.Message):
    await event.answer(
        f"Hello, {event.from_user.get_mention(as_html=True)} 👋!",

async def main():
    bot = Bot(token=BOT_TOKEN)
        disp = Dispatcher(bot=bot)
        disp.register_message_handler(start_handler, commands={"start", "restart"})
        await disp.start_polling()
        await bot.close()


You can find more examples in examples/ directory

Official aiogram resources:


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