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Yoeman Generator for Polymer 1.0 with express, koa and HAPI middleware support
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Yoeman Generator for polymer elements and a bunch of middleware (express, koa, hapi) with support for Polymer 1.0 and either a mongodb or an elasticjs back-end (may combine the two since elastic is a bit wonky on writes)


* `express` template follows a SPA design at the moment 


* `koa` AND `HAPI` integration is not ready yet.


Generate application interactively (supports jade or html)

yo polymer-middleware

Generate an element interactively (supports jaded elements or normal polymer elements)

*coming soon*


This is a simple yeoman polymer+express (+jade) generator for Google's opinionated Polymer 1.0 web-components based applications. (try saying that three times over).

It utilizes gulp for code-twiddling.

It interweaves Polymer and Express in a way that actually works with both paradigms (that's mostly thanks to express being highly unopinionated).

Currently there are three flavors of front-end generators available:

1) html
  1. EJS 3) jade

and there are two starting templates:

1) minimal
2) polymer-starter-kit

Coding engines


Some people like to code in jade (I may be becoming one of them, but haven't done anything extensive in it) and it's the express way, and I was merging express, so I couldn't not do jade.


Some people only want to work in html, they like closing tags and verbosity keeping the </> movement is alive -- and I am currently one of them (which makes typing this into a markdown document kind of ironic). For those of us, that do not want to template in jade, there is the html option


Because it was being requested. It's there but is not fully tested.


The included minimal template is exactly that, a minimal example of a polymer app running along with express as the server-side router. The client-side routing is done using page.js;

The include polymer-starter-kit is diablorized from Polymer yeoman package, and express is grafted on top with appropriate changes to gulp

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