App to manage ERPNext Site, User, Company and Space limitations

Erpnext Quota

App to manage ERPNext User, Company and Space limitations

How to Install

bench get-app
bench --site *site_name* install-app erpnext_quota


Install the app. It will add quota config in the site_config.json file Contents will look similar:

 "db_name": "_153e0b60307d7518",
 "db_password": "LrhxSwya9SlAfjAa",
 "db_type": "mariadb",
 "encryption_key": "IcfnBCemM-aDs6Xe9RErXLMlXsDdM1nfC4q3jg7_PFE=",
 "quota": {
  "active_users": 6,
  "backup_files_size": 29,
  "company": 2,
  "count_administrator_user": 0,
  "count_website_users": 0,
  "db_space": 0,
  "document_limit": {
    "Sales Invoice": {"limit": 10, "period": "Daily"},
    "Purchase Invoice": {"limit": 10, "period": "Weekly"},
    "Journal Entry": {"limit": 10, "period": "Monthly"},
    "Payment Entry": {"limit": 10, "period": "Monthly"}
  "private_files_size": 0,
  "public_files_size": 3,
  "space": 0,
  "used_company": 1,
  "used_space": 31,
  "users": 5,
  "valid_till": "2023-03-19"
 "user_type_doctype_limit": {
  "employee_self_service": 20

Manually change the default values to change the limits. Default is:

  • 5 active users not including website users
  • 2 companies

quota.json file will automatically get updated for any

To view the Usage info, find it in Settings Module or search 'Usage Info' in the awesome bar Database Limit Screenshot Files Limit Screenshot User Limit Screenshot Login Limit Screenshot Usage Info Screenshot



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