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VSCode Tips Tricks is the Examples and Workflows repository of Visual Studio Code Power User Course

Ahmad Awais

🎩 VP of DevRel, RapidAPI — Google Developers Expert & Full-time #OpenSourcerer 🥑 JavaScript Dev Advocate 🌳 Node.js Community Committee Member ✌️ Builds professional Open Source Software used by over 902,556 Developers (inc. engineers at Google, Microsoft, Intel, HP…) 🔥 Ridiculously hard-working Full Stack Web Dev ⓦ Regular WordPress Core Developer 📣 TEDx Speaker 🙌 Cloud/DevOps Community Evangelist ✍️ Member of SmashingMagazine Experts Panel, Featured/published author at CSS-Tricks, Tuts+,, TorqueMag, SitePoint…😂 Funnier than your mom. Seriously funny! You should follow him on twitter @MrAhmadAwais →

It's a known fact that Ahmad loves purple. Purple can be genius. So, he built a VSCode theme which quickly became the third most downloaded VSCode theme i.e. 1,287,439+ times. Currently used by 595,255+ developers. Over 82 developers swear by its awesomeness with five-star ratings. Install it here

Install this theme called 🦄 Shades of Purple →

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As developers, we spend over 200 Hrs/month with our code editors — it's only fair to learn your next editor deeply. This course will save you 15-20 hours every month. I've poured my dev-heart out in this course. Spent 1,000+ hours so that you don't have to. From building a custom course platform to audio/video setup. I assure you this ridiculous hard work is worth its weight in gold. By buying this course, you're enabling me; a full-time open source dev to build more free/premium courses.
Got questions? I got answers or just tweet at @MrAhmadAwais →

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⚠️ Changes

With time there are updates and things change. I keep a label called CHANGES where you can track all the changeset. You can help as well.

For anything else, tweet at @MrAhmadAwais →

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