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Agnostic Domain Mapping

Agnostic Domain Mapping

Simplify the hydration and extraction of agnostic domain objects

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According to DDD domain should be guarded against external constraints and let's say agnostic. Most ORMs impose constraints in order to work properly and even better ones aren't free from the object-relational impedance mismatch. Assuming that you are ruling out event sourcing and other alternatives (for whatever reason) and still want to use ORM while having clean domain you need to decouple them. This decoupling comes with the cost of mapping between two layers. The goal of this library isn't to eliminate this cost via magic and another set of framework constraints, but rather to minimize.

Key ideas

  • Hydration and extraction is done via reflection.
    • Domain constructors should reflect creating a new model, not data from which it's restored.
  • Objects can be mapped in many to many relation.
    • Domain shouldn't be coupled with database's tables.


composer require agnostic-domain/mapping

Getting started

Mapping data object to domain object

$article = adm(Article::class)

Reverse mapping domain object to data object

$data = adm()->data($article);
$data->title = adm($article)->title();


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