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Ionic Weather App - The goal of this weather app is to demo different ionic component in a nice working app. Contributions are welcome for any good feature.


node -v
 - should be >= 6.0.0
npm -v
 - should be >= 3.0.0
  • For iOS, update XCode version to 8.0 or higher

Getting Started

  • Clone this repository

  • Install Ionic, cordova and node_modules

    $ npm uninstall -g ionic cordova
    $ npm install -g ionic cordova
    $ npm install
    $ npm install --only=dev  
  • Get weather API key from DarkSky

    • Replace API_KEY in src/providers/constants.ts
    export const FORECAST_CONFIG = {
      API_ENDPOINT: '',
      API_KEY: '9bb59ff3063ac4930fc96890570b0c6f'
  • Get google API key from Google Developers Console

    • Replace key in src/index.html
    <script src="">



    # iOS 
    ionic serve --platform ios
    # Android
    ionic serve --platform android
    # All Platforms(iOS, Android and Windows)
    ionic serve --lab


    $ ionic cordova platform add android
    $ ionic cordova build android --prod
    $ ionic cordova run android --prod


    $ ionic cordova platform add ios
    $ ionic cordova build ios --prod
Run using XCode

icon resources

Run post_install script

    $ ./


  • Phone

  • Tablet

    android-tablet ios-tablet

Existing Features

  • Tabs, Side Menu with image
  • Various Animations
  • Infinite scroll
  • Google Maps API
  • SQL Database and WebSQL in browser
  • Weather caching to avoid redundant http requests
  • 3rd party libraries - lodash, moment, moment-timezone
  • Works in all timezones


Contributions are welcome!

See features planned for future to get contributing ideas.

  • Report issues
  • Open pull request with improvements
  • Spread the word


ionic-mosum is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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