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dotfiles (silos) 🏭

Every silo is make-driven stow package, contains deployable set of dotfiles per program (zsh, vim, etc.)


  • GNU Make
  • GNU Stow
  • git

Make targets (usage)

When in doubt, use the source.

fill: Pull existing sources and build a silo

$ make fill what=~/.config/nvim into=nvim/.config

save: Commit changes after hacking on a silo

$ make save silo=nvim

unload: Deploy existing silo to a clean $HOME

$ make unload silo=nvim

withdraw: Retract a silo, get clean $HOME again

$ make withdraw silo=nvim

slurp: Pull existing sources, build a silo, unload it and save

$ make fill what=~/.config/nvim into=nvim/.config silo=nvim

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