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Might cause your phone to explode as your site will load too fast. You have been warned.


echo "require('aero')().run()" > index.js && npm i aero && node .

Aero Installation & Live Reload

Visit http://localhost:4000/ in your browser and check out Aero in 30 seconds.


  • Routes your pages faster than you can say "Quidditch".
  • Optimizes your website for high latency environments (a.k.a. mobile networks).
  • Allows you to write modern ES 6 with full browser compatibility.
  • Validates HTML 5 for you. Just delete that bookmark already.
  • Lets you instantly see local changes in the browser. Use 2 monitors if you're the Al Capone of web devs.
  • Make changes to a prototype while your boss is watching? Aero can update your live server on every git commit.
  • Prevents typical "Oops I forgot the parameter checks" by testing all routes.
  • 99% of execution time is spent in 1% of your code. Find that 1% by looking at response time & size of your pages.
  • Reduces your site's bandwidth hunger by using brotli instead of gzip for static contents.
  • Free ice cream: HTTP/2, IPv6, Web Manifest.
  • More ice cream via plugins:



Aero Router Performance


Terminal output


URL Source Size Speed view source 12 KB 100 / 100 view source 15 KB 100 / 100 view source 13 KB 100 / 100 view source 5 KB 98 / 100

Size: Includes compressed HTML, CSS and JS of the frontpage. Excludes external videos and images.
Speed: Measured by Google PageSpeed. Does not represent real-world loading speed.

By Eduard Urbach

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