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Madalynn Packer

This repository contains Packer files to build Ubuntu images for my personal infrastructure on Proxmox. Two LTS versions are available.

  • Ubuntu Server 18.04 (ubuntu-18.04) based on preseeds (this setup can be also used for Ubuntu Server 18.10-19.10).
  • Ubuntu Server 20.04 (ubuntu-20.04) based on a new system autoinstalls using cloud-init behind the curtain.

Feel free to fork or edit what you need.


Each version can be used the same way. To launch the build of the Ubuntu image, just run the following command inside the ubuntu-XX.04 directory.

$ packer build -var-file=secrets.json ubuntu.json

You will need a secrets.json file like the following.

  "proxmox_username": "[email protected]",
  "proxmox_password": "fQk9f5Wd22aBgv"

You can also override the following parameters directly within the secrets.json file.

  "proxmox_vm_id": "201",
  "proxmox_template_name": "ubuntu-20.04",
  "ubuntu_iso_file": "ubuntu-20.04-live-server-amd64.iso"

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