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ANSICON Latest release

ANSICON provides ANSI escape sequences for Windows console programs. It provides much the same functionality as ANSI.SYS does for MS-DOS.


  • 32-bit: Windows 2000 Professional and later (it won't work with NT or 9X).
  • 64-bit: AMD64 (it won't work with IA64).

How it Works

ANSICON injects a DLL into a process, hooking its functions.


One of three methods is used to inject the DLL.

  • LoadLibrary via CreateRemoteThread for a running process.

  • LdrLoadDll via CreateRemoteThread for a 64-bit .NET AnyCPU process.

  • Adding the DLL directly to the import table, otherwise.


Hooking is achieved by modifying import addresses, or the return value of GetProcAddress.

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