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Yeoman generator for D3 v4 plugins

Getting Started

Install the generator:

npm install -g generator-d3-plugin

Then run the generator:

yo d3-plugin

and follow the prompts.


  • The plugins are build using rollup which is suggested by D3.

  • Unit test cases can be written in tape, tape is added in devDependencies by default.

  • The plugin can be tested using npm test. Only eslint is enabled for the time being.

  • The plugin can be build using npm run prepublish.

  • Local server with live reloading can be achieved by running npm run watch followed by npm start. (You can run it in the reverse order but you have to refresh the browser in that case).

  • The build is created in /build folder.

  • The examples are found in the /example folder. It is recommended that you use this folder to display example of your plugin.

  • Once the live reloading is on, the builds are created only in the example/build folder. Once you are done developing the plugin run npm run prepublish for final build to the /build folder.


Read more about D3 v4 Plugin and reusable chart component for plugins.

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