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Solidity Truffle tests


This repo provides truffle based tests which carry out different attacks on the commonly used contracts and libraries in the Space



Run tests

  • Ensure you have Truffle installed
  • Run testrpc or any other ethereum node
  • Run truffle test from the repo directory


  • Open Zeppelin Safe Math
    • Addition:: -1 Added to 0 (overflow) : Should fail Addition - Minus:
  • Open Zeppelin Standard Token
    • Allocate Tokens :: Should fail to allocate Negative value tokens (Underflow):
    • Allocate Tokens :: Should Fail to allocate new value without updating allocation to 0:
    • Allocate Tokens :: Should fail to raise allocation by Negative value (possibly underflow):
    • Allocate Tokens :: Should fail to reduce allocation by Negative value:


Github contributors

To contribute, kindly create an issue to indicate what you would be working on, then create a PR once code is ready.


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