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Android Quality Checks Plugin

This plugin allows you to include Checkstyle, FindBugs, and PMD static code analysis tools to your Android Gradle build. It copies basic xml configuration files to a new directory quality-checks which is in the same directory of the build.gradle file.


Add the following to your build.gradle:

buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }
    dependencies {
        classpath ''

apply plugin: 'info.adavis.qualitychecks'


You can optionally define the location of the Checkstyle, FindBugs and PMD configuration files you would prefer to use:

qualityChecks {
    pmdConfigFile = '<some other location>/pmd-ruleset.xml'
    checkstyleConfigFile = '<some other location>/checkstyle.xml'
    findBugsExclusionFile = '<some other location>/findbugs-exclude.xml'

Then you can use the following commands to run the checks:

gradle pmd
gradle findbugs
gradle checkstyle

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