Actionhero React Next Chat

Using Next.js and React to use ActionHero websockets
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Alternatives To Actionhero React Next Chat
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I am an isomorphic React + Next.JS project that uses ActionHero websockets.


Greenkeeper badge This is a React Project utilizing next.js and react-bootstrap

I connect to as the API server

  • npm install

Running in Development

  • npm run dev
  • point your browser to localhost:3000

Building for Production

(see ./bin/deploy)

The master branch of this repository is automatically built and pushed to the gh-pages branch of this project by Circle.CI on a successful test run. We statically host this project on via github pages.


We use standard.js to manage our lint rules. We run standard as part of our test suite, and your contributions must pass. Standard is very opinionated and inflexible such that we cannot inject our own opinions. There are no eslint/jshint files to manage in this project.


  • we use a default boostrap CSS file
  • all components provide thier own CSS inline
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