Darkchromepastelfluowebtheme Trick For Aim Stylish Editor Maybe Or Any Other Editors

This a theme to dark web pages in the same way, you can recognize every most important things the same with the same effects.Maybe you can choose to change one color in a darker gray, because it can depend your screen or your appreciation, maybe on newer you need to put it darker.
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Darkchromepastelfluowebtheme Trick For Aim Stylish Editor Maybe Or Any Other Editors3
10 days agoCSS
This a theme to dark web pages in the same way, you can recognize every most important things the same with the same effects.Maybe you can choose to change one color in a darker gray, because it can depend your screen or your appreciation, maybe on newer you need to put it darker.
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Alternatives To Darkchromepastelfluowebtheme Trick For Aim Stylish Editor Maybe Or Any Other Editors
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ChromePastelFluoWebTheme ((( and ))) means we passed from stylish to stylus or any other except if you are pro ?



Updates will be only in sections: Incompatibilities, Alternatives, Flag and exceptionnaly firefox or chrome sub-sections

This a theme to dark web pages, chrome protocol UI and URL prefixes are not well done entirely(ex:chrome://), only the Stylus(ex Stylish) code editor inside the extension page configuration part, inside theme manager and editor is compatible, you should use another theme to have complete UI in the same theme.

The current stylish editor or the way the theme is interpreted does not permit to allow or refuse(only chrome) a web site itself or a regex of part of the URL(Except Firefox, need an extension for chrome, anyway i ll publish list of extension related that works or not.).

The most reliable way to do and keep them all is restrict maximum global scope to whole web and exceptionally shut it down.

--->It seems now Stylus is the extension name and should provide option for domain filtering on Chrome, need more tests.

Exemple using another theme made for Git Pages[https://acccounttest.github.io/DarkChromePastelFluoWebTheme-trick-for-aim-stylish-editor-maybe-or-any-other-editors]

This last URL is not representative of all possibilities and exceptions, usually UI tend to be more often changed, the foreground/background can change up to 3-4-5 different combinations, here the code tag is not much influenced.

The new private version is free too but published only via the other project CTM, this is easier despite all the reliability of all the installed scripts, the installation, configuration, usage and maintainability are better though an all-in-one installer that is subject to change continuously and may be back up and merged by the user, all theses prerequisite are needed due to the erasures of both the extension config and the scripts or by the user inadvertence that can be done even on the same hard disk but not on the same machine, or simply indefinitely, the services online are permanently disrupted and the necessity to them is no more, the personalized URL is tempting but seems not works for everything, the website itself is often not reachable, responding or simulating an occupation.


+Videos, worst case, need a clic though all elements and set no transparency colored(Earlier, we had to require a right clic before able to use any functionalities visually except shortcuts but usually the UI show the abstract only by itself.)

+Menus(Like any ui, should change contrast between interior element by moving in exteriors and/or parents.)

+Buttons, the only button not showing up is in stylish website itself, when you want edit your style

+Images(may be related more to icons if others images near take a "z-index" too high.

+Frame(Not modified much but can be broken , need tests)

+Code(Visible most of the time but at least CANNOT be partially or totally not readable and/or visible, like black or grey on black), fully working in V2, the only site encountered proposed a dark theme for it.

+Links(Visited works always but XML links may be not fully working)

+Graphics are much more supported but certain transparency added are useless, need recognize more and more tags groups instead and only.

+Banners, most often not conflictual, often transparent you there or not there, so you can read easily longer entire page, very rarely the top of the page hide a part of a H tag title, since this is very often the same title of the page, previous link or tab, it's not a real problem, much more a tips to show more backgrounds or let read more text in a single page without fullscreen or much brower height.


Commentaries are now fixed in a higher size, just like the bubbles' font in most website you visit as well in links .

BUTTONS Sometimes like in Gdrive, and the others.

PAGINATION Sometimes as link, they does not works, usually respected color are well, but rarely the visited or current are not.

CANT CLICK Unique problem, opened a new window w/o tabs or plugin, needed open it manually to a new or current.

LINKS As * operator is not done everywhere, should not increase usage, mainly since first body rule, from third rule.

RSS Usually more or not enough effects

MENUS Unreadable cause no contrast switch available, the only major problem left to the user intention.

ICONS Can be hidden but always switched , or , dark then need a visual switch to be allowed to be discerned, please delete any giant with a click,see mandatory folder.

SOCIAL NETWORKS As more and more in white or in black or in gray, in white and gray never a problem.

LABELS Handmade are more difficult to be detected, usually combinations in forms is not a problem, see HTML switch fixed.

H123 For same performance reasons, operators unused mainly.

BACKGROUNDS cause too bright, not enough gray or unapplied background, see chrome hacks for delete the flash when you switch a tab(partially).

IMGS Source of problems since, IDK if its youtube related but normally not, problem is useless and unappropriated z-index value and/or zoom on it(easter eggs like videos).

CHECKBOXES Misplaced tick or exceptionally unattended check/uncheck when click another wanted item, always works but can show and false and true, or double true, just like in a html table, you can see the X but not the V, black.

VIDEOS The main problem unresolved in this version, maybe use more and more full transluency by tests for best compatibility ? no green, no gray, only blue.

GRAPHICS AND FORMULAS Just like code tags, reveal or invade colors.





There is a active script counter on the icon on the addon toolbar of chrome, it happened only one time but the count could

be lower than the actual situation reveals, i had 1 on 2 but both were activated and working even touching anything,i

clicked as normally and all was fine again; note it can happend and it should normal as others script activate or not as more.


DOES NOT APPLY SINCE I FOUND HOW FIX THE MORE TAGS AND LINKS BY CONTRAST OF FOREGROUND TEXT OR BACKGROUND CONTENTS. ((( Try to figure a switch (not a HTML) to allow script to stop switch contrast ratio but more retain current or default global disposition of all fg/bg contrast. Seems works pretty well very extreme basic CSS lines and Gmap service like. )))


There is a new setting in chrome, this configure your navigator to choose automatically by default, the dark theme over the light one.

CTRL+MAJ+J Select the three dots ... ->More tools -> Rendering -> Emulate CSS media features prefers-color-scheme: dark

A website support it, should handle it like this @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {} in most new common cases but maybe not like here, the dark theme is broken:


Try read the page, see the color of support are not well done for all elements but remains more in red color, new go setting and change light or dark theme, it works but not for labels, only during the configuration page is loaded over the main page.

Another website, in light theme problem with labels(the white bright background areas with often text), the labels only blink at load time to be readable, but their dark theme fix this not mine


Exceptions for scrollbar and forms controls,for w10 only, there is a setting in chrome related to dark theme and OS support, if the OS support the dark mode of chrome.

Goto about:flags

Web Platform Controls Dark Mode

Test here:https://enbulleiugnen.com/catering/minnesstund/

The dark mode of Chrome navigator is really not needed cause very poor basic theme and could force choice of dark theme of site itself and you would not in the future.

I recommend to not use the Stylus(ex Stylish) website cause i had issues with it in chrome, normally it take long to accept, respond and make something.(chrome plugin works well)


The website itself take a very long time to respond and often conduct a 503 error, even if a theme page finish to load(sometimes long URL show nothing), it refuse to continue to install a script or do something else, the only way to be sure is wait the CSS content to load after ask to show it, then copy paste it in the extension page configuration in a new script you need give a name, or copy the CSS content from Github.


Explanations about Youtube, now you can see thumbnails during the video play, as well in the end but you need keep the mouse on hover differently.

Stylus(ex Stylish) can use SASS with a local server, just for load a page that is forced to reload multiple ways every 10s or another values, maybe Nodejs is a better alternative ?


Performance hit is like 5 to 10 % more than usual, due to the most demand, the universal operator is needed else too much unbelievable exception occurs specially with links, certainly another more postprocessing or preprocessing for styling page but locally should gain performance, i tried convert the script but did'nt started interpret it everywhere cause i doubt update page each time is a good solution.

To convince yourself its not entirely due to this script, look the difference from theses points of views separately:

Test on Youtube and playing video, then try lower your CPU usage for next.

-Move mouse around a point to the bottom right at the intersection of black transluescent backgrounds

-Compare when you only scroll page, scroll page while moving constantly mouse up and down.

-Compare with script on/off

The most demanded CPU should be when you move mouse as well outside as inside of chrome window with/wo script activated, even without scrolling.

Test on Youtube is most problematic since the usage of extensions and especially in my case, the magic option extension theme included in the full addon.




. is normally used in a script and \. in css, I do believe.

regex for exclusion


@-moz-document regexp('^(?!https?://(www\.)?(discordapp\.com|example\.com).).$')

chrome (URLs matching the regexp):


apply style to certain sites but only FTM Mozilla


/[[AS]]/@-moz-document regexp('^(?!https?://(www\.)?(/[[L1]]//[[L2]]//[[L3]]//[[CE]]/).).$')

Firefox config(Untested domain filtering on chrome but seems promiscuous now)

no more @-moz-document

but use @document

or moz with below line


CHROME EXTENSIONS(This CSS script need zero extension)

Best compatible extensions

Download magic actions, it enhance video experience in black borders or suppress them while keeping a quality max , much more Youtube unique functionalities, it permit a black theme that solve sometimes something, like commentary text and tags, don't take the magic extension theme alone as extension, it does nothing, you must access your options by the gear but from the new magic action icon included in the player bar.

The all in one extension can get hardly configured if you use too much anti popup and anti adverts, you get many img error similar to personal msg but maybe nothing is accessible though this space encrusted vertically, anyway even after solve configuration access next times.

The same messages that were more numerous during the problem case in the pre-configuration page can even remain but less numerously, try just figure out one time more, the advantage is really appreciated, no problem with any others extensions like codecs and protocols.

The only problem is maybe the interface using their black theme activated(the button normally must appear top left like an interruptor but can deseapear, the little switch for day and night), it add latency to the UI system response time, and somehow bring back the browser front to the user. It wait the last response of CSS or mouse hovering the UI later with or without focus, untested deeper.

Others domains and extensions:

Two compatibles extension to find:

-Click though every elements and set them all to no transparency, then videos outside Youtube will be readable.

-See, remain, move, blacklist switch any DOM partial or total area differentiated of all others included those included in same total area, a plugin cant do that, all i tried draw you a rectangle but not all child rectangle so you often eliminate the video itself of all layers.

PS: I added two chars added after links(>) and RSS(< but on yellow, XML links could interfere with this, visited and much more), exemple social network icons are more and more black theses days, this help to not avoid them.


For videos i have deleted possibility to use the right clic and show controls(more generics) since ability to see all video controls works, and are accessibles without any added but suppressed code, just remains FTM the added layer that reduce drastically the bright level of the videos, again, we need an extension that clic/remember the edited/deleted layers and tags.


I forgot a little detail about Stylus(ex Stylish), it is really not intuitive, it can lost your file saved then subitly erase all content and titles of scripts, i had this behaviour when i had one script, it can do it several different times, you too, the popup could move(or since you want use the scrollbar.css it does a movement and all controls specially text are not fixed in size properly.

Steps for first install of a script, necessary only one time for each script you want add, no need edit or, delete them eventually frequently, this script need to be copied into the editor, no need use their editor, even if colors seems good with the script, the caret is hidden, but maybe its more platform dependent.

Step list is:

-Clic the puzzle icon on your plugin taskbar of your chrome, else goto extension and access options of Stylus(ex Stylish) or similar extension...

-Show the icon(a puzzle of 4 pieces) then a simple left clic, now choose in the popup

-Clic the three dots vertically (...) and select new/nvo/nouveau style or new style, second entry is for manage them but nothing is interesting here too, if you dont know you could loose your modifications except for save them.

-Clic top right text, it should add a new blank script

-Paste content into the sort of textarea in right pane.

-In left pane ,give a name is enough to finish

-Clic save the script

-Normally no need reload it should be on by default

-Dont clic delete in the script list, its instant and no save is available.


In the scripts manage page, not the editor page, whats the purpose of theses options, only edited and only active, it filter in live the script list but does nothing on option only edited, works well with or without only edited.



-Get the browser extension, this main aim is provide themes secured in simple CSS with code editor in chrome(useless)

  • The file, or the paste you get, fill it in the browser extension editor, and name it, then import it and save it, load a page that is not included in google services for test it well, avoid first printing in GAFAM, especially those with videos, the only problem.

  • Delete the video problem does not solve the performance or the visuals common problems but help a little bit as it is a version under for performance reason we would not lost in videos or in other website as the "videosonly" script is considered as secondary script when there are not well visible videos/background(s).

  • Add/Edit translucency maybe means more performance or less, the most demanding performance is the script for links only, should be not used alone.

  • The extension can filters URL matching their needs but the interface tend to sometimes reset the list of URL matching type, you have to be sure and check sometimes if you put stars(*) into matching URL inputs, they should absolutely remains as regexp matching, this happend generally by using the interface, option and more specifically export and import operations, they include the list of URLS.

  • The script no need user choices, the most problematic tags:

    • Links(total ignorance of visited or/and links clickable = at least 0.001%) in this conception, the only exception for this one is with images or XML links, example SVG, not even socials networks.
    • Titles(when really assembled from 0 knowledge or very poor content)
    • Videos websites.

managing scripts with shortcut of shortcuts.

Commercial domains is a problem, the reading is not always easier so it's better to achieve a proper reading by using old script(s) combined with newer, sometimes like in Ebay or Amazon, where the theme change often, it may be more usefully this time with theses domains to have to put the mouse pointer out of the window or aim another area in the website, this is rarely the case for an entire block of repetitive information, rather certain links description or detailed information in rare global unique common website, menus or tags, the most of the time you can even choose the invert operation, be or not inside or on hover the element area(s).

There three ways to modify a domain per script and others to not to try :

  • Use the GUI but only in the pop-up(that can be reconfigured to act like a window but it's main utility with an option is to sort auto latest activated script, this extension allow a shortcut to continue to choose a number just after it opened the list, if you want there is possibility to reach the same enumerated script with a digit shortcut even when the pop-up is sorted dynamically, the configuration, editor and script list managing pages, so it require a script, you can achieve that by reusing the script alt+enter to enable/disable on the fly the "linksonly" script via the Stylus options tab opened and closed, it could fail even when you keep always the window the same width and height both in popup but much less in page options of the extension full script list page. Anyway if you prefer use a static list and get shortcut of shortcuts available without script and mouse position, you can just create a new script, in AHK this time, see mandatory folder of this project, and send one key for two, or more simply reuse a digit directly without have to press multiple keys in the same time, one after one is good and not usual, its not like you can press shift-lock or escape followed by the first line keys of your keyboard upper the letters, the line of digits or the F-keys in the CTM project). So the best sort for me is,(note all the tests scripts are not recreated in this repository, you have to import only the code, not the importation method with the domains filtering rules as the additional and surrounding headers):
  • test videos only script(global and always off)
  • test main v2 script(global and always off)
  • test main v1 script(global and always off, and content can be missing/hidden)
  • test rares codes (AHK website itself and lesser part duplicated in Github, uncomment for use with different main alternative script, main or videosonly can be used on any website, or both even if no frame are used or visible).
  • mainv3(global but domains) always on, can be grayed out
  • videos only(global but domains) always on, can be grayed out
  • Linksonly(global but not browser or extensions) usually on or off
  • Resizeall(global but not browser) usually off
  • Scrolls(global) always on
  • YoutuAnd(domain) always on
  • Rarecodes(domain(s)) always on but could be cloned for tests
  • Revertallcolors(global) always off
  • Others script usually not to be switched, eventually modified further in the time:
    • Gmaps iframe
    • Gmaps
    • Gmaps users
    • Gsearch .be 1080 (an example with a country website)
    • Gsearch .com 1080 (commercial website)

The problem is there is no much entry available in the pop-up because activated script must always remains at top, so in fact the real sort is more like, hopefully all entries are shown only if eligible to the current tab domain name :

  • mainV3, scrolls and videos only (usually always at least one or two or more are activated) and links only prefixed with an underscore.
  • 4 test(s) script(s) you need put an underscore in the start of the name to get them upper in the list and be able to use shortcuts to switch them faster.
  • resize all, revertall, testv2 and debugs, tools and outdated scripts.

For this i suggest you to rename theses scripts:

  • _A Testmain V2
  • _A Testvideosonly
  • _zLinksOnly (This one is not really necessary on main pop-up, there is not a long list, we could resize it height will not remains, it must be in same position in the stylus options scripts page)
  • _TestRare
  • _Test V1

The order can always differ even without the stylus option about the pop-up, the auto sorting script list, mainly scrolls script can remain to the top of the list, note grayed out script in the list are fixed to the top and certain script can be added in the end, specifically for the current tab too, its the same version but only in frame(s) of the page, they can be visible, transparent and black, or invisible, and surrounded with blue borders, theses can be as well grayed out occasionally.

Real problems:

  • The other ways they add options to blacklist or white list domains in two separated areas, can override my settings or are always with one or two lists, i you want understand how Google play with domains and "regex" i suggest you to see previous chapters of this "readme" document.

  • About the problem of the configuration of domain using the code editor page of all scripts, below that area there are sections, but this is more probably about the code editor, where you need to install any new script by the best way, the importation of code that forget and transform nothing.

  • The second configuration point necessitate to configure stylus option(s) in its own interface, its the same web-page but it require to apply one or two option(s) minimum to be fully functional with these(s) script(s).

  • Third step is auto-updates can be done using a URL in an optional input, and made automatically from the script configuration itself, into the parameters page, i do not use it, as the theme website(there are others) can inject you code hidden in image or know if you use their script, the website is very slow to respond, sometimes updates aren't just working, it may depend more the platform used, otherwise the option given permit to search and find new script in the editor but sorts and content can be filtered only approximately and the title or a domain, there should be much more choices outside, after all is accessible and updated, but lately there always data lost and i experimented myself in very old time, lot of content disappear, but it is here, always clone your script even those in double in the case the "regex" mode reinitialize more or less it can with the rules when the user miss a click or when the extension want!

  • The real problem is sometimes, by manual operation or not, (or one select first entry or another while scrolling up before quit the interface, the first choice risk to be selected maybe with the same opened menu but not real selected new entry until the menu or the tab or the user close it maybe indirectly, and no way to know what was the previous except by its location so i imagine the same sort of all kind of matching rule type), while by using importation or other interface buttons, the list of filtering domains change all the regular expression by "start by", you can recognize it when certain entry contains stars and are not in "regex" mode, note all "regex" rules are always to the bottom of the rules list, not near the code editor. SO to solve the problem of the closing of the stylus options page, i can suggest to use the CTM project, it can close a tab with ctrl + w even outside, multiply scrolls, replays in order the tab and associated actions with extensions replacement and scripting.

  • Verify the rules are all consistent, any other edition like importation after exportation, can alter the escaping method of certain specials characters, just verify time to time if you use often the interface or are not used to use every aspect of the extension stylus interaction areas.

  • In the case you need another script that has been not already duplicated, eventually use their matching tab in live functionality to know in real time what's tab is what rule applied successfully in current URLs list(s), sometimes even without frame(s) or advanced stylus option activated, the "regex" rule could not be applied, the rule can be correct but the exact same rule without the last dot and start can works in a new another rule "starting by".

Further menus

  • Kind of resizing anchors, like in the the frames bottom right corners (necessity to erase them, if resize is a good compromise, if you look at CTM project in this account in Github,), appear with the script videos only in videos website or, using a script like resize everything, available for those that buy any other project, it permit to resize your main reading column or a site in another.
  • Selects and menus, theses can get their contrast of text intact, no matter you are in or outside, you should always get them readable and full of colors.



Stylus page of alternatives programs, free or not and only same supported functionalities https://github.com/openstyles/stylus/wiki/Stylish-alternatives


Chrome UI

Maybe i can add more compatibility because even with DOM loaded and loading , still too much cases of white page a long time.

Most important minimal feature to be release in addition to this script, we got the domain filter for every browser,

Now you need to find(not in w10 or more recent browser but tags help, anti flash not needed anymore in older PCs) how to get ride of the new backgrounds, only made for chrome when you:

  • Start to load(partially fixed) or wait the response.

  • Switch a tab newly created never seen before( its a fast flash often only first time of the tab, maybe hibernated tab avoid this a little bit more than default new tab config of chrome.)

  • Create a new tab(doable in its bottom right and with main theme extension but color override it as well as OS theme)

  • Reload a tab.

  • Delete a tab ?

  • Site loading itself background first but stuck or waiting itself.

  • Browser loading etc

Only windows example:


all threads types(and chromium)


Extensions style: i want redraw


research keywords

google chrome new tab switch delete white background


chrome:// theme

Exemple of not a broken RSS link since we get ride of * operator for performance reason and lost even green basic link effect as font color sometimes very rarely.


Last problem images and videos:

There are tons of new or old extension that works, depend the deep of your need fonction you can recognize or not the situation ,sometimes broken, sometimes not easily doable even for a long period of use, we need cocnentrate on simplicity, thats why i dont even give any extension, search something around the modification instant on page and deletion of elements.

The last problem could concern, video autoloading and playing(that should not or that not chosen by default), cause front of all.

The images are too much top of all others, maybe delete the z-index can help but what about the Youtube or icons configuration, visible or not ?

Google pages,local test, and others DOM loading a white page(again).

Sometimes the page load take more time to continue, its like its doing nothing and is difficult to know where it come from, what i tried.

During a long moment, Google URLs were a problem, they simply escaped completly to any effects, or with very low contrast differences, here you could retrieve this behavior, hopefully this is no more a problem since the v2. https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2018/07/nostate-prefetch

Example of very rare URL(more often from google than anything) where script both works and not, menus seems do something but all the rest mostly not, links and background are inexistant. https://chromestatus.com/features/5794378545102848

Even after fixing all the new ways , chrome or the websites, i have always same issues even with op flags configuration.

Solution: Use Instant inject mode, the stylus option, maybe the script was not able to be loaded since the DOM load was controled by something else, this option solve more cases, feel free to change the select color, dark blue was not a good choice. Goto add-on options, not chrome add-on options or manage scripts, just options, then select Instant Inject Mode, its asynchronous load of this file, so occurs early and no more white page.

If you want test local scripts, you need goto absolutly by this way: Chrome URL: chrome://extensions Next click details button of Stylus Scroll down new config page just opened and check on authorize access to file URL, ex: file://

EDIT:Apparently this does not works better, its like DOM load operation is blocked until something from network or client happened.

Videos, the solution.

Another script only for videos but with very minor changes and obviously with brighter backgrounds but it is not disturbing(i have very bright screen). Normal script name is zzz, but this one is videos.zzz

Only 2 changes, suppression of direct div and video tags.

New exception for videos.zzz, domain and URL matching system is by default set on URL in the domain, meaning any part of the url after protocol in the scheme.

This URL doesn't work, you need to blacklist it and use domain(not url or url start by or others), support.google.com , never use www.

Or you can just use their black theme, it is nice with conjunction. Sometimes with the zzz file, not videos, the page cannot be read, it's like an entire filter that fills the page of a dark blue color, sometimes at 10% sometimes 99%, so use videos file, it's at 0%. https://support.google.com/ https://support.google.com/chrome/community/?hl=en&gpf=%23!profile%2Fchrome%2FAPn2wQeRSr_oMdxE_7mEXr4Nzx9IseeKsFM5I_I7c4tulEZedYkyCu6YF1Sht_n4LJXSQ24OpTqX

new-tab-redirect that fails to load, and 404 is white(like timeout, DNS, and others HTML return codes, certainly more.)


As you can see, easter egg bottom east, the chromium wheel appears in the background. Page works, not content.


13 More-GUI


Last tip is about specials pages and specials interfaces(yes one more time):

There are different ways to obtain the interfaces accessed by URL scheme following: chrome://...(/).., chrome-extension:// , view-source: etc This include a part of a trick you can entirely do in Firefox but chrome does not allow only to recompile your version(or dl another), or CSS anymore, you can allow extensions.

( Here are examples how to build, compile , probably obsolet or need another brower. https://superuser.com/questions/181214/change-the-white-background-in-webpages-to-another-color?lq=1&newreg=9baa765f988b404985051755f47d56bc )

Try follow this tutorial or any other to build your own extensions, in this case reuse stylus, i am asking the dev to know more about this sort of feature, because by default the addon permit get only a message about the refused demand on the current URL , and its say its not permit until navigator allow it in the flags, and it is, no changes.

Different point of view regarding the main browser types, chrome offers only a partial clue(maybe chromium is often more experimental and offers more but died in the same way chrome did, with the CSS trick no more actual, except Firefox).


Look for the chrome folder. In that folder, find userContent-example.css and rename it to userContent.css chrome/userContent.css

The rule for this specific page, about:blank, is: @-moz-document url-prefix(about:blank) {*{background-color:#000000;}}

The problem is different in chrome, there are security reasons to not bring when you require plugin get authorizations to the interfaces, but maybe if it's you and the well know extension, you can only allow(or even block usual URLS if you care something) the needed pages and further, interfaces.


waitForEvent('backgroundpage') // this is only available via chromium


Here is the trick,: https://superuser.com/questions/181214/change-the-white-background-in-webpages-to-another-color?lq=1&newreg=9baa765f988b404985051755f47d56bc

The following trick is not yet approved, and I am not responsible for any damages or risk encountered during the activation of the experimental flag, a bit deprecated when used as a switch in the command line from a console, normally you must be experimented to try this and ask deeper if its really necessary.

Try the following link for using a flag about extensions, should allow you to allow an extension to do that, you should look at how an extension can or not. chrome://flags/#extensions-on-chrome-urls

(In stylus options, as I said previously, good to know to inject script earlier with only the first option of the last category, no js, no frame, no CSS security hole, only performance and compatibility).

Normally , maybe, every pages(not between behaviours like OS patches), 404 and page based on chrome protocol, should be rendered using the CSS file you use, maybe it's easier in Firefox with config and one CSS rule for all, in addition and in conclusion, CSS can be a one line.

But this is not currently working, the access to pages is not accessed by the extension, another extension needed?

See to allow an extension, normally a new one, or completely another, in this example we should require stylus source code or extension. Template included to override definition data in an extension application format JSON. https://www.reddit.com/r/chrome/comments/8ueqtr/making_chrome_extensions_work_on_every_page/e1glry1/


One liner script.

Another way of compatibility if no huge script works with a minimum readable level. html {-webkit-filter: invert(90%);color:darkblue;background-color: lightblue;}

Disadvantage, it's not made for images or videos( you will need js or extension, but it ll be harder than my entire script to retrieve the exact inner sets of same exceptions) Advantage is , it's highly probable the font colors configured, cannot be extremely exceptionally not readable at lowest rate, and more certainly readable by changing it simply one time.

One more URL for fun, about JS for CSS users, for your site ? https://css-tricks.com/create-url-scheme/


There is a new exception type, the domain blacklist filter.

There is a new exception type, the domain blacklist filter. Usually when you exclude a domain, it could be only by regex to the right part by a universal operator or the exact same URL first scheme part. But in a particular domain I wanted to blacklist domain and use the second script for videos, it appears blacklist domain does not work well, because the div of the video seems related to another domain of the tab, this makes a redundant black transparent layer over the video area. The only solution is disable temporally and totally the main script.


Maybe you could not play the video, I don't know even how I did, this is normally exclusively accessible only to the country of France, maybe this channel TMC is not regionally restricted.

Same think is broken, sometimes the blacklist usage on a script is partially only, to demonstrate you, watch a Youtube page, top right there is a iconic form that reune 9 squares into one, upon click it you open the google services choice page(on Gmail or Youtube services), so when you choose to blacklist site, you can observe the entire page even this popup apply perfectly to the current corresponding setting, but, on google maps this menu act differently, so whenever you decide blacklist domain(and you do well), all is deactivated but not this popup, example links stay in green, this is not surprising, the domain is probably slightly different, maybe require tests. NB:For google maps i tried anything, sometimes it works well sometimes you can't move mouse for move the map, so best on this is use the third script composed of one line(or maybe you can find the real domain either the extension for delete the black transparent layer, i tried unsuccessfully not all), this is particular too in the way you need absolutely use this regex(last option):

Sorry i cant write the dots followed by a star, so START=* (.STARgoogle.com/maps/.STAR) WORKS

google.com/maps/.* DOES NOT WORKS

google.com/maps/* DOES NOT WORKS

google.com/maps/ DOES NOT WORKS

google.com/maps DOES NOT WORKS

PS:Sorry for the on hover your Youtube or google photo profile does not show, probably about img tag but don't touch anything. :)

PS2:Blacklist though single click domain google.com affect as well Gmaps so don't do it.

PS3:I propose you to follow the Gmaps scripts per domain in another project:



site and even stronger needs:

A game, not in flash, but had equivalent (Isketch, not recent but had possibility to recognize rooms from screenshots in hidden window).


This site is especially difficult in the way you need probably a strong extension to delete a element, in fact every part is well covered except the player list, the canvas pane to drawn, not much but its very preferable over whole white page, the one line script is excluded and the problem does not come from div tags.


Do not use the darks theme flags in google chrome:

  • Web Platform Controls Dark Mode

  • Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

As of this date because i do not use specially windows 10 and "darkmode" OS associated settings or extensions and applications. It may be probable theses settings can be cool and funnier but they should be anyway in conflict with my CSS scripts(and probably others), its completely unsure every match as dark in options input filter in chrome://flags cannot be all in conflict in the future.

  • One of the two options is only about scrollbars and form controls but it's simply nothing.

  • The others will render chrome website, certain chrome based protocol pages, browser options etc but will break this:

    • Break web pages (Custom CSS may fail when Chrome's #enable-force-dark flag is enabled)

    • Important tags like searches usually in yellow, will be broken in a very dark brown.

Plus this ISN'T POSSIBLE and accepted queries answers:

  • whitelist "force dark mode" on certain websites or choose blacklist from chrome directly isn't possible.


  • Use another browser plugin that changes nothing to the same problems of extension restrictions about policy and security.

  • Chrome inner popup, can appear on a window and say depreciated command line usage switch, but i don't use it like that , i just use a flag option that does the same thing.


On my Win10, --force-dark-mode and the runtime flag #enable-force-dark are not the same: #enable-force-dark=Enabled means to force to use dark colors, but not tell Vimium C that it's in dark mode some colors in CSS rules are always replaced --force-dark-mode means to force all to be in dark mode, while a page can still use light color schemes. Tested on Chrome 79 and 80.

Another problem is the way a page can be broken by too much CSS , added response time or latency or frozen page can happend, it only happened on one domain, youtube, very rarely, the page can be blocked while playing, 1 or 2 seconds, but theses days it does not consume CPU but the frozen state seems to be permanent, so it's better to stop the video with the media control shortcuts prodiven with the flags of chrome.(There is equivalent in the --...- start options but idk the difference if there is diff). #global-media-controls-overlay-controls This flag add a button to the top right corner, no need an extension, the controls works on any domain :)


  • App Specific Override Force Dark


  • For MAC, macOS 10.14 and SAFARI.


  • A Complete Guide to Dark Mode on the Web


  • Do you wanna go further ? Try new root: and maybe parse the DOM faster, don't forget this version is dynamic then it use much performance, maybe a next version will be less intensive.



It reset itself.

Reset on default value after restart, the option is not ready, version 89 either 91 does not keep the option choice. chrome://flags/#extensions-on-chrome-urls

You can add the --test-type command-line switch in order to suppress the warning banner(there is a check in it normally top right).(after using browser extension permission) This banner appears most of the time only at the last tab restored, hibernated or not.


Confirmation the extension can be built.

I am not giving the method to make one from zero and get everything really black. Probably the lack of the AHK script as OS level in chrome has its limits and are not needed in any way in more recent platforms. Maybe W10 can handle better basic optimisation between the software, without requiring even another script in this extension.

Problem to solve too is how we can be sure of the model of the blacklist in the application and the reliability of the pages. As it's clearly explained in the extension popup we can do nothing from one of the popupof the current pages generated by google.

Its highly probable the extension stylish can even be unnecessary, but the reliability will depend of the intentions of theses interfaces and their accessibility revisited, the needs are well known it's all about a manifest and the CSS properties plus the content scripts, the tabs and insertCSS, and few match_patterns you can go with.

All of the above urls should works absolutely normally, except the user manigances.

https://chromium.googlesource.com/ https://docs.google.com/ https://developers.google.com/ (tricky headers on this one) https://about.google/intl/fr/products/?tab=wh https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/SLlieQVJNLw2RKmgpg3mMQKeaM5lTZWbOoF_dV_syPle9U7KBs-1PB--OdorbPJYFVRy5178CRGUeITtRpSRyoMyPFGjxlerox1nm5k=h60


You need export your settings

In internal editor, click export add a header part in the beginning of a CSS script(all browsers at least Chrome and Firefox and more) and a closing bracket in the end, }, the

The new section is only about the very first, sibling more generalistic(even unnecessary) disposition in this case in the domains, this is the default option to choose, by domain or start by, regex are not sure and are exceptional as temporary.

Problem while configuring regex aka regular expressions, the regex is not valid when the tab paths are well identified and matching, absolutely need the option on starting by.

During the process of the verification of all corresponding tab titles to all the domain rules, regex are not matching their verification test either for good or not using the starting by option to the domain chrome:// instead the regex.

@-moz-document url-prefix("chrome://"), url-prefix("https://support.google"), url-prefix("https://docs.google"), url-prefix("view-source:"), url-prefix("file://"), domain("dailymotion.com"), domain("vimeo.com"), domain("facebook.com"), domain("youporn.com"), domain("game.cs-online.club"), domain("7sur7.be"), domain("odysee.com"), domain("rtbf.be"), domain("tf1.fr"), domain("allocine.fr"), regexp("chrome-extension://.*") {

New site(that was buggy in DarkGMaps project)

for train the usability and reliability, as fast as we can mix css files and funnier thematics



Default workbench theme: Default High Contrast

If at any moment you can't scroll while being able to cancel any slider(or transparent) you could check at see disposition as two files upper another below, total 3 opened pane view, change theme is the only way to obtain current file opened in each panes identified as current but you can lose that functionality after another theme later, no special headers on this site, anyway all should be easily readable at any moment but unfortunately not ergonomically.


Others exceptions and easter eggs well known.

The new code background on hover was not made only for look at the python in this URL, but more for fix anything unreadable as its the most common cause of background definitively even difficult to get for copy: https://www.codegrepper.com/search.php?q=python

There could be a variation of this new supplementary background, it could follow the current line part from the nearest actual same background to continue in the sens that the mouse in the same line or not, than regroup the blocks of wanted blocks but uncontrolled versions when multiples.

https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/issues/700 At very bottom of the page, aug 2017, when hovering link named: Enable spell checking and installing dictionaries for QtWebEngine #2891 You can see all the font have been normalized and are plaintly readable without efforts, you can see all links are not perfectly respected in all their effects, the hovering popup is just acting normally with text too long by adding a triple dot to the end when mouse not on it.

But the link part(starting after Fixes: by #700 before Added:) every new popup the link is not underlined, it becomes visible only after the first area hovered, it's not that bad when you know a universal operator can solve this most of the time.

When you install the all browser extension Greeper, a code snippet manager, usually provide a website for thoses that install the extension, a new page of default google chrome search page( but add something interesting we can see the frame with its corner with a form of a double chevron that is the resizer sign) and the possibility to reuse any code or Github code part to send it on the fly, around the code tag itself, i hope it not overwrite other similar functionalities, i but have not seen them in same time.

Hopefully an app, extension or website should give you the same access though a copy/paste. As you can see the difference between the 2 images: Normally the hidden page to Bing should not be visible, but in your case i made it expressly, example could be a layer on top of videos, i will not tell you which :) But, there is a but, the control of this new control is very random, it act like normal as the first time, if you can, but more you retry the operation of handle and drag the

more its hard and pointer image show later or more rarely, I suggest you do it as soon as possible.

Obviously all shortcuts are very fast for manipulating the code snippets though the google page does not work in the embedded Bing page, Bing is only related to tricky mouse fast usages for useless normal to enhanced by degraded, visualisation conditions.


Two problems encountered in the site codesandboxes.io:

  • Selection lists are more visible as everywhere but the manner to choose a couple of bg/fg is more goto an object adjacent to another and nothing else.

  • Switches are not fully compatible with any platform and framework.

  • When searching themes in the command palette, the theme name can be reduced to High Contrast at list end.

Example of uncompatibles radios and checkboxes: https://codesandbox.io/s/react-final-form-list-of-checkboxes-and-radio-buttons-qimew?file=/src/index.js

Example of partially only compatibles switches: https://codesandbox.io/s/zyjfw?file=/src/styles.css


Coming soon. New presets and Gmap services URLS with manual blacklist, script switches, regex in interfaces ...

This project development was not long but last at least one year, feel free to donate what you estimated you have been earn in term of time. Donate

I added a personal shortcut made in AHK, probably need fine tuning to be fully effective and efficient on every platform, the main deal was not use the menu key or the app key, situated usually between the right win and the right control of your keyboard, it make menu appears anywhere depending the last focused element, but we want the menu of the application while using the last focused element, it works well on chrome 91 Windows x64 8.1. This is needed for simulate the right clic on anything while using the appropriate chrome extension, and let the user choose the correct element in the menu and/or continue. See the folder Mandatory.

The way you want a zoom of 80% , let you see youtube videos higher(and larger) than ever on youtube when not in full screen but on top on taskbar with a automatic redimensionner window, see my project sublimetab for that, it help for windows management, on top windows feature, press tab in sublime or any editor with shift lock, help with metro even deactivated and the general alt+tab usage. Normally the youtube thumbnails could be 5 columns(4 with left panel open), if you need the google 3 columns in HD, see my next projects in AHK. I am always using the extension mycinema.pro, which is always free and accessible on their website.

Preset samples, Google exceptions, domain mixing

Traduction ,archives, edu, doc , support

New problem with theses two URLS from Google:

We can solve the problem only by using this new URL for the script, videos only, as a starting URL part. https://support-google-com.translate.goog

And blacklisting only one URL, https://support-google-com.translate.goog/csfirst/answer/7476834?hl=en&ref_topic=7476813&_x_tr_sl=en&_x_tr_tl=fr&_x_tr_hl=fr&_x_tr_pto=ajax,sc,elem because the other URL was already applying, just the frame domain included was not applied yet, so use the frame functionality of the plugin for it to works.

Note we do not need put theses domains in the second script(videos only), zzz script is fine and it's unnecessary:

This seems to work too:

This last URL https://docs-google-com.translate.goog/document/:

  • There is a bug on this page, the popup prevent always do anything but it's possible with the mandatory folder, to make works the menu of the menu key well always the same with the focus.
  • Can't click in the link while the popup is turning infinitely for asking to reload the page cause it couldn't be loaded but it did, the first page is readable but the popup draggable can be killed, use the delete element of the mandatory folder, then scroll and the right click works.



The above URL did not shown correctly the gmaps frame, not zoomable map but it can open it in the other tab and is at, click on [ ] top right: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1dKLjL6y3AKo45c7weK__JI3sxijfbmzq&ll=42.91691326116637%2C-102.7337877281251&z=5 Then it needed to deactivate the zzz script to works when mouse under the map Solution is reuse the header part and regex on domains but starting the only rule by a real blacklist of domains, this could get performance impact, so it's not recommended, no difference ATM:

  • Less performance for start the styling, any delay is a flash, regex cost isn't lightweight.
  • Less factorisation of the same domain as they all use wildcards, pretty unreadable as soon as domain multiplies.

Better let's try a few exceptions, no need to expand the domains, it is special domains.

Google search images, another but manual REGEX blacklisting

2 new problems with Google and images domains blacklist and whitelist filters, all have been included in header part only of the zzz script.

So use 1: regexp(".:\/\/(?!(.google./.(tbm=isch|tbs=imgo).)).") Add other domains like this: regexp(".:\/\/(?!(.google./.(tbm=isch|tbs=imgo).|2|3|4|5|6)).")

*Found recently tbm=lcl is too *Found one gmap matching in DarkGmaps project.

Other Google domain matchings

tbm: to be matched tbm=isch: to be matched = image search tbm=isch&q=chicken: search "chicken" from Google Image Search you can do the same with tbs

tbs: to be searched tbs=imgo: to be searched = image object tbs=imgo&q=chicken: search "chicken (image object)" from Google

Applications: tbm=app Blogs: tbm=blg Books: tbm=bks Discussions: tbm=dsc Images: tbm=isch News: tbm=nws Patents: tbm=pts Places: tbm=plcs Recipes: tbm=rcp Shopping: tbm=shop Video: tbm=vid



Note the scripts are not made like Usercss. The script are not sync now with all the userscript URLS, in a soon future they will be, the video only V3 script will be updated the next time.

You can see now the script zzz is not listed in the menu, checked or not, it does not match the URL. If you want more protocols, try verify the start without slashed at start of the URL matching string, normally it should not work; ex: view-source:

Final listing The script list is most often sorted in this way:

  • 3 Gmaps scripts, depend on a source but apply anywhere.
  • 2 Gsearch scripts, depending on the countries.
  • A scroll script, not yet returned because not only reusing the style.
  • Videos only script, for second usage, no updates for performance since it's mostly videos sites and all other of your exceptions.
  • Youtube script(for fix only scrollbars, thumbnails always middle of all videos and only on over playing or not)
  • Main ZZZ script
  • Ideally, another old or new version of any script you want.

New recommandation

Put an identical script without the header part could be useful, too, it can permit you to switch the script instantly and verify which is correct or better, essential if you use more than 2 scripts. So add a video only all.css when you discover news video domains and don't want to spend time to realize, add a script always on for all.

Please consider if you type :// directly into a google search or get ://(not escaped or converted) in your URL then the main script could continue to be allowed and activated on the page we don't want, like always.

New version of file "linksonly" in version 2(choose only one version), it's a version that is more to help against the 2 last lacks of zzz script:

  • Tags because they contains the most simple link tag

  • Highlights can be hidden, but this version does nothing with links foreground while they are viewable when their background is changed, like with a chrome extension, the unhiilight can be done with zzz but not in this script.

  • Links not enough readable by contrast, not acceptable so blink is a new way of not change it later There is a performance cost that should be residual since there are new possibilities. The initial proper colour for the underlined styles are modified in different versions of lower contrast of different intensities. This is not intended to works with visited links for different securities reasons, this is not the case this time. The changes on tags can be enhanced but they are certainly not all done. Certain content contains can be modified and this is not great, hopefully the hover works as normaly.

Attributes regexp values string starting by or equals must not works when surrounded by quotes anymore

IDK, maybe it works maybe not, especially frames that need hover or not, while binary operators in CSS should continue to works, this seems became pretty hard with codesandbox.io and attribute values matching domains with regexp.

More Scrollbars

Extremely rarely, with the *main script V3 of DarkChromePastelFluo , a web dynamic dark theme, this project script can add one more scrollbar, so you could have two of them, it's not a problem with the scroll of the mouse middle button, there is not even a latency or two scrolled scrollbars, but with the CTM left mouse click is used longer as a page scrolling locked, the page scrolling could be affected in a way it does not works with the good scrollbar, and will not pass to the other scrollbar as last resort, the right or middle sides of the page use the other scrollbar, only left of the page works with the good scrollbar, move mouse at start of the operation does not help much, note without that another project the left button should works as usual, more easily the middle than the right side. Ex: https://.rt.com/

Undocumented FTM, but see script order lists.

There can be scripts for only few domains and these are not excluded in the main script, we use them both at the same time, its contradictory because versions are supposing overriding almost completely all the visuals aspects and not change much but better while incrementing and alone.

For only in Ebay and Challonge websites.

Challonge website, we can see what dual in the tourney has been not fully played or for other reasons when the user name is in double(in white and orange or only orange if you change scripts used), but it can as well win/loose or not participate.

See DarkChromePastelV1EbayAndChallonge.CSS script in this repository.

PS: this is not the only domain that should be tested with this unique old V1 script version. PS2:on Ebay it require much of the script deleters in the mandatory folder, yes many easter eggs are presents.

Another reason of an example of script generated and ordered.

The URL https://autoitscript.fr/ is a problem, the "BB" forum main area parts and around is very clear, the other URL is not filled plenty and fully as most other websites, the east and the south, it fill only the quart of the page at 80% zoom level. The only way to read correctly the code parts and text orange on gray background is be hover but better is use another main script only for this domain, for example, the code boxes and text parts are best with version 1 coupled :

  • So instead create another script for this domain particularly, we add another main but the order of activation is important(see configuration for name properly all the scripts), so the order should affect the final effects, i repeat keep script list as static in Stylish pop-up is bugged anyway.
  • The code boxes must be hovered by a previous link inside it like in the first page, the second does not offer so much different background colors by hovering the links around.
  • You can appreciate the script in the version 1 show by default certain background tags not rounded that never existed, this is something more.
  • Configure two different URLs:
  • https://autoitscript
  • https://www.autoitscript This is the first time it happened for me, the need to duplicate a URL with or not after the URL scheme name and the double slash, but there are certainly others existing useful websites for all of us.

Certain websites can be suppressed of the main alternative script to be instead used by the main script, the text was yellow on very clear gray so unreadable, sometimes certain website act like this they revert to a same older scripts list combination and order:

  • dhnet.be
  • jeuxvideo.com
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