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Download word list from Duolingo, save into Anki-compatible format. Duolingo is an online language learning tool; Anki is a flash-card application useful for practicing your vocabulary.

If you only want to do flashcard reviews of the words you learn on Duolingo, you'll probably have an easier time just using the flashcard system built right into Duolingo. To reach it, click on "Words" in the top menu, then "Review flashcards" on the right.


You can download the latest version from the Releases page right here on GitHub.

Tested with

  • Anki version 2.0.31
  • Duolingo on 2015-06-04
  • OSX Yosemite and Windows 7 (not that the platform should matter)


  • On Duolingo, select the language you want to use as the foreign language.
  • Enter your Duolingo username and password
  • Click Go!
  • Watch as your words are downloaded
  • In the newly opened save dialog save to a text file you'll find in the next step
  • Import the text file you've saved as described in the Anki manual.
    • The first field is the word in the foreign language
    • The second field is the list of translations in the native language (always English for now)
    • The third field contains the "skill" in which the word appears on Duolingo, and the part of speech (noun, verb, etc.) as tags

Have fun!

Reporting issues

If you encounter any problem at all using duolingo-to-anki, please feel free to open an issue right here on GitHub. You may first want to check whether your issue is already being worked on by going to the Issues page. Feature requests, ideas are also welcome!


You'll be asked for your username and password each time; they are not saved and are transmitted over HTTPS securely. This can probably be improved, see Issue #6.

Building from source

In case you want to hack on duolingo-to-anki. Pull requests are welcome.

git clone
cd duolingo-to-anki
./gradlew run

To build a distributable fat jar:

./gradlew shadowJar
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