Franka Robot Path Planning

Kinematics and RRT Path Planning algorithm for Franka Robot
Alternatives To Franka Robot Path Planning
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Python sample codes for robotics algorithms.
Robotics Coursework1,762
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🤖 Places where you can learn robotics (and stuff like that) online 🤖
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:robot: Introducing kids to coding with tiny virtual robots!
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Library with search algorithms for task and path planning for multi robot/agent systems
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Attitude and Heading Reference Systems in Python
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Header-only C++ library for robotics, control, and path planning algorithms. Work in progress, contributions are welcome!
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A Micromouse simulator: write and test maze-solving code without a physical robot
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MIT mini cheetah quadruped robot simulated in pybullet environment using ros.
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Robot path planning, mapping and exploration algorithms
Alternatives To Franka Robot Path Planning
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Kinematics and Path Planning for Franka Panda Robot Arm

This repo has the implementation of basic forward/inverse kinematics, and the RRT path planning for the Franka Robot Arm.

  • Kinematics: It contains the URDF & DH forward kinematics and the inverse kinematics algorithm for the Franka Robot Arm. It also has the implementation of the separating axis theorem to avoid collision.

  • Path Planning: It contains the Rapidly-exploring Random Trees (RRT) for the Franka robot to reach the target pose without collision with the obstacles. It also has the implementation of the planning with constraints using Projection Sampling.

This is the rViz Visualization of Franka robot, surrounding walls, and an obstacle. You will see this visualization after RRT has found a plan franka

The Constrained RRT planning algorithm is as below: constrainRRT

  • Here shows the demo video of both RRT and Constrained RRT for the Franka Robot in the simulation.


For Ubuntu 16.04:

  1. Install ROS Kinetic on your computer following instructions here: [ kinetic/Installation/Ubuntu.]( kinetic/Installation/Ubuntu. ) (Make sure to install the Desktop-Full Install version of ROS Kinetic.)

  2. Install libfranka and franka_ros using the following command:

    sudo apt install ros-kinetic-libfranka ros-kinetic-franka-ros

  3. Install all requirements.

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  4. Change the path argument in visualize.launch to the path to your working folder.

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