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BME280 library

Arduino library for using the Bosch BME280 sensor which senses temperature, humidity and pressure. Since the package is quite small and difficult to breadboard with, the Adafruit BME280 Breakout board was used for development.

A complete description of the BME280 sensor can be found in the BME280 Datasheet while the Adafruit BME280 tutorial describes additional board information.


The BME280 allows the user to individually adjust the sampling rates for each component sensing (temperature, humidity and pressure) as well as to set the inter-measurement delay time and the IIR filter sampling coeffient. Combining these settings allows very fine-grained control of measurement times vs. measurement accuracy.

Temperature sensing

The BME280 measures temperatures between -40C and 85C with a full accuracy range between 0C and +65C. The accuracy is 0.5c with a full resolution of 0.01C. Since the temperature sensor in the small package is tied to the PCB board on which it is soldered placed and has some self-heating as well the temperature reading will usually be above ambient.

Humidity sensing

Non-condensing humidity between 0% and 100% is measured with an accuracy of 3% at a maximum resolution of 0.008%.

Pressure sensing

The pressure sensor works in temperatures between -40C and +85C although the zone of full accuracy only goes from 0C to +65C. Pressure is measured between 300hPa and 1100hPa with an accuracy of 1.0 hPa and a resolution of 0.2Pa

A detailed library description and further details are available at the GitHub BME280 Wiki

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