Abandoned RTS project ( game + engine ) with lock-step system
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11 days ago1mitC++
Custom voxel engine with RTS game
12 years agootherC++
Model Editor (3DO, S3O) for the Spring RTS Engine
5 years agoC#
Unity3D Asset Store Camera Package [Deprecated]
5 years agogpl-2.0JavaScript
Entity editor for the pyrogenisis RTS engine (0ad).
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Faction Command RTS project

Abandonned SharpDX port of my old real-time strategy project.

I've lost many sources, and this one was a port of my RTS game and engine made in DirectX9. Unfortunately, I never completed this port, but you're free to check the source code out and learn a thing or two.

The engine was made from ground up and made to be as simple as possible.

Previous engine ran fully on DirectX9 and was more feature complete ( had multiplayer, model converter, particle editor, etc.. ), and ever since I switched from SlimDX ( which was rarely updated ) to SharpDX. I thought it would be better to recreate the whole code in a more cleaner way, using the sweet new clean DX11 architecture.


  • Lockstep networking architecture ( though it lacks network part in this port )
  • Complete map editor with all fancy professional map editor features ( dynamic terrain modification, lightmap generation, pathfinding, and more )
  • External scripting support and a flexible infrastructure allowing radical game modding
  • Experimental velocity field pathfinding, steering behaviors ( bad port, but what the heck )
  • Awesomium library for Webkit UI
  • Input Manager ( with remappable keys )
  • Locality Query Database ( grid based space partinioning )
  • Simple GUI system + text input field ( for anything that doesn't require Webkit UI )
  • Optimized custom DirectX 11 engine ( RageEngine )
    • Materials system
    • Optimized sorted rendering ( with post screen effects support )
    • 2D line rendering tools
    • Batched 2D renderer
    • Font rendering ( bitmap fonts generated using bmfont by angelcode )
    • Terrain system ( load maps made in the editor )
    • Batching tools, Cameras ( 2D / 3D ) and lots of small useful tools
  • Clean code and few comments


This project includes all necessary libraries to compile it in one go. I recently compiled it fine, all it was lacking was DirectX June 2010 redist.

  • DirectX June 2010 Redist
  • SharpDX SDK ( included )
  • Awesomium ( included )

Any questions?

Just contact me, I dunno.

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