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Natsuki Discord bot

Natsuki is a discord bot of GG project and dedicated firstly for GG project Some modules need to rewrite to work with configs and be adaptive for any bot

GG project info

The project is dedicated to creating unique servers on the Internet. Of course, all servers can be unique, but we try to make them as unique and interesting as possible.


  • Read and reply DM
  • Simple command handler
  • Embed generator
  • Privileges (need to rewrite)
  • Read modules/list.lua to know all features


  • New privileges system
  • Votes for GG Events
  • Automatic check reviews of GG Project
  • Rewrite voice module for any stream and playing music
  • Archive of appelas of GG project
  • Command to give clan roles for clan owners of GG project
  • Write all servers where bot is
  • Translation to other languages

Install and config

Install and launch

  $ git clone
  $ cd natsuki/
  $ luvit natsuki.lua


To launch bot you need discordia library, that works on luvit. Just follow instructions on discordia repository, how to install it


Before launch bot, create config.json in home folder and config token for it:

  "token": "Token of your discord bot",
  "example_backend_url": ""

Other configs in that config.json requires with some modules

To disable some modules you need to comment lines in modules/list.lua

Configs, that allows to use some modules: Configs | Config description | Allowed modules --- | --- | --- backend_url, backend_token | Use backend | admin, privileges, accounts_link qiwi_hook_id | Qiwi donate notifier. DEPRECATED | qiwidonat economy_smile, economy_curse_in | Economy valute emoji and curse. DEPRECATED | economy donation_channel_id | Notify to specified channel id about donate. DEPRECATED | money


groups.lua config for admin module:

groups = {
  ['discord_user_id'] = 'owner',
  ['other_discord_user_id'] = 'admin'


To work with backend, you need to config and launch backend server from this repository


Just create config.json with following configs:

  "listen_port": "backend server port",
  "tokens": ["backend token 1", "backend token 2", "and more tokens"],
  "privilege_servers": ["server_name_1", "server_name_2"],
  "mysql_db_host": "database_remote_ip",
  "mysql_db_port": 3306,
  "mysql_db_user": "database_user",
  "mysql_db_password": "database_user_password",
  "mysql_db_name": "database_name"


  $ cd backend/
  $ luvit http.lua


GNU General Public License v3.0

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