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A simple checksum viewer made in Python!


This is a simple program made in Python that's capable of computing some of the most common hash algorithms available for the Python's 'hashlib' library.
The program will require you to choose an algorithm (md5, sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512) and the files that you'll want to check. Here are the possible options:
Usage: CheckMySum.exe [-a/--algorithm] ALGORITHM [-f/--files] FILES ... [-u/--upper] [-g/--generate GENERATE]

'-h', '--help'          Show the help message and exit
'-v', '--version'       Show the programs version and exit

'-a', '--algorithm'     Defines the hash algorithm to be used
'-f', '--files'         Select the files to be checked
'-u', '--upper'         Display the hash value in uppercase letters
'-g', '--generate'      Generate a checksum file for the files checked
You can generate a hash file with the results computed by the program, just use the '-g' or '--generate' option and input a filename for the hash file to be created.
You can display the hash in uppercase letters by using the '-u' or '--upper' option. By default the hash will be displayed in downcase letters.
I've made this program to be used on Windows but it can run just fine on other operating systems (like GNU/Linux, BSD and OSX), as long as you have Python 2.

Check the CHANGELOG.txt for more informations!



  • Python 2.7
  • PyInstaller
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable (Windows only)
To compile the program on Windows, just execute the file 'build.bat'.
To compile the program on Linux, just execute the file ''.
PS: PyInstaller must be recognized as an internal command on Windows CMD or in the shell if you're using GNU/Linux or other UNIX-like operating system.

Executing directly:

You can execute the program directly if you don't want to compile it or in case you don't have PyInstaller:
python2 src/ [-a/--algorithm] ALGORITHM [-f/--files] FILES ... [-u/--upper] [-g/--generate GENERATE]


PS: Binary files doesn't require Python to be installed!

Binary (Windows):

Source code:

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