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Serve APIs returning & consuming observable streams over WebSockets using .NET

Think of it as ASP.NET Web API but with controllers which return IObservable<T> instead of Task<T>, which allows you to easily push to clients. Controllers can also consume IObservable<T> parameters, see the ChatController example.

Why not SignalR?

SignalR is great for a lot of realtime applications which scaleout easily, but it's not easy to create realtime apps which require authoritative logic - take a game for example, or other complex apps. This is perhaps because SignalR gives you transparent scale-out, so the rendezvous point for notifications (Service Bus, SQL Server, etc) does not contain application logic.

Instead, WebStreams does not give you transparent scale-out at all. Scale-out can easily be achieved using Service Bus or another backplane like in a SignalR app, but often scale-out will sit in Microsoft Orleans or another Actor framework. Another option for scale-out is Azure Event Hubs, which can contain application logic.

See the WebStreamSamples repository for a sample server with a Web client.

TODO: publish sample which scales out app logic using Microsoft Orleans.


PM> Install-Package WebStreams.Server

NuGet will pull in all dependencies (Owin, Json.NET, Rx).


Call UseWebStream() in your OWIN startup method. See below for an example.


public class StockTickerController
  private readonly ConcurrentDictionary<string, IObservable<Stock>> stocks =
    new ConcurrentDictionary<string, IObservable<Stock>>();

  public IObservable<Stock> GetTicker(string symbol)
    return this.GetStockTicker(symbol);
  private static IObservable<Stock> CreateStockTicker(string symbol)
    var random = new Random();
    // Construct a shoddy, pseudo-random walk.
        .Select(time => random.NextDouble())
        .Scan((double)random.Next(1000), (prev, randomVal) =>
          Math.Max(0, prev * (1 + (0.01 * (randomVal - 0.5)))))
        .Select(val => new Stock(symbol, val, DateTime.UtcNow));
  private IObservable<Stock> GetStockTicker(string symbol)
    return this.stocks.GetOrAdd(symbol, CreateStockTicker);

In your OWIN Startup.cs

public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)
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