Webapp for midi visualisations using Python and Javascript. Based on MusiStrata
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Interactive Data Visualization in the browser, from Python
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Instant offline SQL-powered data visualisation in your browser
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Simple real time visualisation of the execution of a Python program.
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:musical_score: :musical_keyboard: :musical_note: Audio visualisation for android MediaPlayer :sound:
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An open access book on Python, OpenGL and Scientific Visualization, Nicolas P. Rougier, 2018
a year ago12gpl-2.0C++
Audio visualizer plugin for obs-studio
Leaflet Velocity47511716 days ago34February 21, 202214otherJavaScript
Visualise velocity data on a leaflet layer
Clinker40923 months ago25October 26, 202131mitPython
Gene cluster comparison figure generator
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I am working on computer generated music and wanted to have a visualizer for midi files. This web app allows to easily import a midi and vizualize the following:

  • Scatterplot of (Time, Frequency) of midi note_on events
  • BarChart of ticks between note_on events
  • BarChart of intervals between note_on events

Can also toggle to include Drums track or not

"A quick look"

Notes: it's a WIP. Chords have been filtered out


Install python dependencies (pip for mido, git clone and pip -e for MidiStructurer) then

git clone
cd VisualMidi
npm install

// start electron app
npm start

// Can also start in webonly mode
npm run startwebonly 




  • Express
  • Chart.js
  • Electron

Plot Colors

There is no set colors for the plots. Colors are chosen at random when needed by the ColorPool in jsfiles/frontside.js

If you want to specify your own color set, override the colors attribute of the ColorPool class

class ColorPool {
  constructor() {
    this.colors = [];
  getColor(id) {
    while (id > this.colors.length - 1) {
    return this.colors[id];

To Do

  • Color Palette instead of random pick
  • Change plotting library, tooltip not working for heatmap, and custom recipe for heatmap has issues
  • Maybe use brython instead of relying on user python install
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