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ProPack is a solution for every beginner programmer who cannot find the right resources and projects. We provide basic web development projects now on our website we are planning to add some more projects in the future and this is an open-source project so anyone can contribute to it. Let's Build It Together.

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Here's the Documentation for ProPack

Contribution Guidelines

We want to build a great atmosphere where all the developers/designers or peoples are ready to contribute. All the contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome. To start contributing, follow the below guidelines:

1. Fork this repository.

2. Clone your forked copy of the project.

git clone<your_user_name>/propack

3. Navigate to the project directory .

cd propack

4. Add a reference(remote) to the original repository.

git remote add upstream

5. Check the remotes for this repository.

git remote -v

6. Always take a pull from the upstream repository to your master branch to keep it at par with the main project(updated repository).

git pull upstream main

7. Create a new branch.

git checkout -b <your_branch_name>

8. Perfom your desired changes to the code base.

9. Track your changes .

git add .

10. Commit your changes .

git commit -m "Relevant message"

11. Push the committed changes in your feature branch to your remote repo.

git push -u origin <your_branch_name>

12. To create a pull request, click on compare and pull requests.

13. Add appropriate title and description to your pull request explaining your changes and efforts done.

14. Click on Create Pull Request.

15 You have made a PR to the awesome-javascript-projects 💥 . Wait for your submission to be accepted and your PR to be merged.

Our valuable Contributors :

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