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Awesome Open Source Digital Commerce Platform

Super Lightweight Digital Commerce Platform -- Built with AngularJS (Storefront) and Google Sheets (Back-end) and integrated with a landed cost calculator to support cross-border e-commerce transactions

This e-commerce atform is unique in several ways.

First, the e-commerce platform's backend data is managed 100% with Google Sheets. The product catalog, categories, and multi-lingual labels are all maintained in Google Sheets. Content and product catalog modifications are published in real-time to the storefront.

Secondly, storefront performance is very fast.

Other notable features:

  • Mobile responsive. Looks great on both desktops and mobile devices. Give it a try (demo):
  • Integrated with the landed cost API, which calculates import duties and taxes for cross-border ecommerce orders. First and only digital commerce platform with native landed cost integration!
  • Supports PayPal Express. Other payment options to follow soon.
  • The client-side framework is AngularJS.
  • Very theme-able: The sample site theme can be easily modified.
  • It's FREE.
  • Mult-lingual support; add as many languages as you want.


For this live tutorial, we are giving you access to use our Google API's project OAuth 2.0 client IDs -- please, please be kind). This will make the initial setup much easier for first time users of the Google Sheet API.

  1. On the AngularJS-eCommerce Github repository page, click Clone or download button. These instructions will cover the download option.
  2. Download and unzip the ZIP file to your Web server.
  3. Open your browser, and the webstore should be running.

The Googgle Sheet that contains the data (All changes made will go live):

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