Ow Pugs Matchmaker

A Discord bot that aims to create even teams based on Overwatch Skill Ratings


Basic Discord bot that creates balanced teams for Overwatch PUGS.


Requires Python 3 and Numpy

How to Use

You need to set up a Discord bot account for your server to use the bot. You can follow this guide by freeCodeCamp to do so. Clone/download the repository to get the code.

To use any of the following commands, use type a period "." and then the command, if there are additional arguments, add a space and then the appropriate values. Example:

.support 2500


.battletag battleTag#1234

- used to set a user's battletag so that the bot may grab your data directly from the game. only works for PC accounts


- if a user has their battletag set, it will try to grab their SR from Overwatch. 
- must have public profile and be placed in the most current season


- reminds the user what team they're on, if any


- returns a random map in the competitive map pool


- prints out a brief reminder on how to use the important bot commands


- makes a match based on users queued. requires 12+ players in queue, 4 for each role


- shortcut for .matchmake

.win 0/1/2

- reports the winning team for the bot to change SR values. use 0 for a tie, 1 for team 1, 2 for team 2

.support 1234

- sets the user's support SR to the value they choose. must be between 0 and 5000

.damage 1234

- sets the user's damage SR to the value they choose. must be between 0 and 5000

.dps 1234

- shortcut for .damage

.tank 1234

- sets the user's tank SR to the value they choose. must be between 0 and 5000

.queue tank/dps/support/fill

- adds the user to the queue for the role they chose. fill will randomly pick a role that still needs players
- if left blank (.queue), it will print out all users in the current queue

.q tank/dps/support/fill

- shortcut for .queue


- prints out how many of each role are still needed before a match can be made


- leaves the queue


- shortcut for .leave


- prints out the user's SR for each role


- returns heads or tails at random

Main Contributors

Cameron Holland

Timothy Wang

Helped By

Michael Gloner

Vincent Hwang

Daniel Tong

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