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Practice problems from codeforces solved in haskell.

Tried to be as simple and clear as possible in the solutions, the problems are indexed in increasing order of difficulty along with the main topics used to solve them.

I solved some problems using different methods so they are listed more than once.


People who have read or are reading Learn you a Haskell or CIS 194 (Recommended resources)

Try it!

The problem statement is included in each source file and you can run the code (with GHC installed) yourself using:

runhaskell sourcefile.hs

Index with topics

Watermelon conditionals, function composition(dot notation), $ notation

Theatre Square do notation, map, read, words, $ notation

Way Too Long Words guards, getContents, lines, unlines, head, last

Way Too Long Words conditionals, replicateM, sequence_

Next Round foldl, lambda, conditionals, show, map, read, words, getLine

Next Round filter, lambda, conditionals, show, map, read, words, getLine

String Task intersperse, filter, notElem, flip

String Task guards, foldr, elem

String Task list comprehensions, concat, elem

String Task point free notation, concatMap

Team getList, fmap, filter, replicateM

Team point free notation, $ notation

Domino piling getList, pattern matching, putStrLn

Domino piling interact, function currying, $ notation

Domino piling print, getLine, =<< operator

Bit++ pattern matching, recursion, conditionals, show, tail, lines, interact

Petya and Strings pattern matching, lines, map, toUpper, show, interact

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