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ViGEm Bus Driver

Windows kernel-mode driver emulating well-known USB game controllers.

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(This project is available under a free and permissive license, but needs financial support to sustain its continued improvements. In addition to maintenance and stability there are many desirable features yet to be added. If your company is using components of ViGEm, please consider reaching out.)

Businesses: support continued development via invoiced technical support, maintenance, sponsoring contracts:
  E-mail: vigem @ nefarius dot at

Individuals: support continued maintenance and development via PayPal donations.


The ViGEmBus driver and ViGEmClient libraries represent the core of the Virtual Gamepad Emulation Framework (or ViGEm , for short). ViGEm aims for a 100% accurate emulation of well-known gaming peripherals as pure software-based devices at kernel level. As it mimics "the real thing" games and other processes require no additional modification whatsoever to detect ViGEm-based devices (no Proxy-DLLs or API-Hooking) and simply work out of the box. While the (now obsolete) Scarlett.Crush Productions Virtual Bus Driver is the spiritual father of this project, ViGEm has been designed and written from the ground up utilizing Microsoft's Kernel-Mode Driver Framework.

Emulated devices

Currently supports emulation of the following USB Gamepads:

Use cases

A few examples of the most common use cases for ViGEm are:

  • You have an unsupported input device you'd like to use within games without modifying said game.
  • You want the freedom to use a different controller of your choice in PS4 Remote Play.
  • You encountered a game not compatible with x360ce (prior to version 4.x).
  • You want to extend the reach of your input device (like send traffic to a different machine over a network).
  • You want to test/benchmark your game and need a replay mechanism for your user inputs.
  • You want to work around player slot assignment order issues in XInput.

Supported Systems

Version 1.16 and below

The driver is built for Windows 7/8.1/10/Server 2016/Server 2019 (x86 and amd64).

Version 1.17 and above

The driver is built for Windows 10/Server 2016/Server 2019 only (x86 and amd64).


The ViGEm Bus Driver is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause, see LICENSE for more information.

How to build


You can build directly within Visual Studio.

Do bear in mind that you'll need to sign the driver to use it without test mode.


Bugs & Features

Found a bug and want it fixed? Open a detailed issue on the GitHub issue tracker!

Have an idea for a new feature? Let's have a chat about your request on Discord or the community forums.

Questions & Support

Please respect that the GitHub issue tracker isn't a helpdesk. We offer a Discord server and forums, where you're welcome to check out and engage in discussions!


Pre-built production-signed binaries are provided by Nefarius Software Solutions e.U. and available as an all-in-one setup.


Sponsors listed here have helped the project flourish by either financial support or by gifting licenses:

Known users of ViGEm

A brief listing of projects/companies/vendors known to build upon the powers of ViGEm.

This list is non-exhaustive, if you'd like to see your project included, contact us!

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