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MSDS696 Masters Final Project

Kaggle LANL Earthquake Prediction Challenge

Machine Learning using LightGBM and XGBoost

Final Project for a Masters Degree in Data Science at Regis University, Denver, CO

Please see the Jupyter notebooks for Exploratory Data Analysis and Modeling


Exploratory Data Analysis

Machine Learning Modeling

YouTube Video Presentation Link

Follow the conversation on Kaggle

Kaggle Placing at End of Modeling for the Class Project - Top 1% Score at time of project end!

Note that the competition continued after my degree project was finished and competitors had access to my work due to it being published on Kaggle. Still, the project was awarded a top 6% placing and a Kaggle Bronze medal.


Note: Placing as of April 28th - competition is ongoing so placing will change and probably go down. And, since university rules require publishing on the web, any value of this work is fully available to competitors on Kaggle.

Kevin Maher

[email protected]

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