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Installation Scripts for Ubiquiti Network Management System (beta)

This repo includes installation scripts and support scripts for Ubiquiti Network Management System (beta). You can simply configure, monitor, upgrade, and back up your UBNT devices with UNMS. Add your routers and switches. You can include your wireless equipment and optical GPON devices as well. And why stop there. You can even manage your client APs with ease. Management of all UBNT devices in a single application. For billing and customer management go to UCRM.

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UNMS versions

UNMS is in beta. It means that there isn't any LTS version and we are not testing RC versions for longer period of time because we prefer quicker development. Stable versions will be available since integration with UCRM.

Version suffix Automatic tests Complete tests Forum Main purpose
devX yes no none Internal testing. It's not recommended to use it.
alphaX yes no Alpha Unfinished version for early stage of testing. We are sending emails about this version to selected UNMS users. Main purpose is to check that we have fixed reported bugs or correctly add new features.
betaX yes yes Alpha Version which includes all important features.
rcX yes yes Beta Complete version which is available for wider group of UNMS users. We are notifying UNMS users according to reported bugs and included bug-fixes.
none yes yes Beta Stable version which is distributed via in-app upgrade.

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