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Alexa (& Friends) Door/Window Announce 🐔


New in v1.0.6: Door/Window Open Delay, and Close Announcement Control

Alexa and other smart speakers (media_player) announce your doors/windows opening and closing. Comes in handy specially for garage doors or side/main exits for homes and shops where you need to stay informed of any changes. Trust me, it's a secured feeling to know the status of your garage, main/side exits.

Ever since we've set this up in our home, we don't think we can do without it now. Your home suddenly gets a voice, something like Jarvis ... Awesome!

Please ⭐ this repo if you like my work and also check out my other repos like

Also, if you want to see a walkthrough of my Home Assistant configuration, I have my video walkthrough on youtube below


Needs the Alexa Media Player or Sonos integration

Use HACS or download the from inside the apps directory to your local apps directory, and add the following configuration to enable the app.

App Configuration (config/appdaemon/apps/apps.yaml)

  module: alexa_door_window_announce
  class: AlexaDoorWindowAnnounce
    - media_player.kitchen_alexa
    - media_player.living_room_alexa
    - cover.garage_door_big
    - cover.garage_door_small
    - binary_sensor.main_door
    - binary_sensor.side_door
    delay: "00:00:00"
    close: True
    start_time: "00:00:00"
    end_time: "23:59:59"
  debug: false
key optional type default description
module False string The module name of the app.
class False string The name of the Class.
alexas False list Your smart speaker device(s) to target for the door/window announcements.
door_windows False cover, binary_sensor The doors/windows to monitor.
announcements|delay True time 00:00:00 The time duration to wait before announcing a door open (24h format). Useful to notify if a door has been open for a long time.
announcements|close True bool True Announce the closing of the door. Set to False if you just want opening announcements.
announcements|start_time True time 00:00:00 The time to enable the service. (24h format)
announcements|end_time True time 23:59:59 The time to disable the service. (24h format)
debug True bool False if True, outputs messages to the AppDaemon Log

Thank you! 🙌

This app wouldn't be possible without the amazing work done by the developers and community at Home Assistant

A very special thanks to Keaton Taylor and Alan Tse whose work on Alexa Media Player was the basis of my inspiration and my work to code all the above listed apps!

If you like my work and feel gracious, you can buy me a beer below ;)

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Apache-2.0. By providing a contribution, you agree the contribution is licensed under Apache-2.0. This is required for Home Assistant contributions.

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