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Project files for AutoRotate tweak hosted by BigBoss. (Most current version is in YouRepo) A simple tweak originally made for iOS 10 to rotate the homescreen and lockscreen on devices that don't natively rotate, and for plus devices, it rotates apps and the App Switcher nicely. Additional features have been added as well with labels and the dock. Configure options from settings. The current tweak is working for iOS 10-14.3, all devices, with the main homescreen and lockscreen rotation working great. Assistance with insets for the dock with stacked rotation for iOS 12 was given by @ SbhnKhrmn.

MOST CURRENT VERSION: You can get it from (it's free).

Made it open source hoping to get help improving the little nuances that still act up on devices that don't support normal rotation, with app rotation. I have since added rotation of most apps like iPAD, but for compact devices some apps aren't supported. You can just turn it off if it doesn't work right in the app you're using until I get the App Rotation working right for all device types, or just skip that option. On iOS 14 it rotates HS widgets, though they rotate a little differently. Just updated the code so you have an idea where it's at, and am open for contributors if anyone wants to help.

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