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This repository demonstrates a simple way of setting up a SPA with React/Redux/RxJS/Typescript. Before adopting a different solution, we were using it to embed our React SPA into a Vue application.

Web Components API was used instead of iframes to re-use existing functionality in the Vue panel with sync calls. When built, this SPA can be used as <seller-store-editor /> inside your HTML page. See development/index.ejs for example.


Run npm start and go to the URL that is printed to the screen. You will see a page that prints your IP to the screen and refreshes it every 1 minute. This page demonstrates managing side effects with redux-observable. You can use the buttons on the page to change your locale. Or change to the other page where you will see a simple counter with redux implemented.


  • Shadow DOM for CSS encapsulation
  • Redux routing with react-router
  • Exposed as Custom Elements
  • Hook/FormattedMessage based localization
  • Redux with redux-observable for managing side effects
  • Unit tests for side-effects/pure components
  • Environment based configuration
  • Automatic linting with TSLint and Prettier


├── config # environment based configuration files
├── development # webpack config and html file for local development
└── src
    ├── components       # pure components with html/css
    ├── containers       # components connected to redux
    ├── services         # API, Utility services
    ├── store            # redux store registration and root types
    ├── translations     # translation files for different languages
    ├── polyfill.ts      # polyfills for intl
    ├── webcomponent.tsx # rendering SPA to custom element in shadow DOM
    └── register.ts      # entrypoint to expose the webcomponent


  • npm start starts a local working environment with webpack-dev-server
  • npm run build builds and outputs JS files prepend with PROFILE=dev e.g. to build with different configs
  • npm run test runs all unit tests
  • npm run format formats project source code with tslint and prettier
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