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A my-groupme-bot plugin which integrates with Imgflip for meme generation from user input.


Install with npm:

$ npm i my-groupme-bot-imgflip --save



User: /pigeon
Bot: Usage: /pigeon guy, butterfly, is this a pigeon?
User: /pigeon groupme bot programmers, a module for a memebot, is this the greatest module ever?



const bot = require('my-groupme-bot')
const imgflip = require('my-groupme-bot-imgflip')

    imgflip: {
      username: 'YOUR_IMGFLIP_USERNAME',
      password: 'YOUR_IMGFLIP_PASSWORD'
    groupme: {
      accessToken: 'YOUR_GROUPME_ACCESS_TOKEN'
  .imgflip(100777631, 'pigeon', 'Is this a pigeon?', ['guy', 'butterfly', 'is this a pigeon?'], a => => i.toUpperCase()))


require('my-groupme-bot-imgflip')(opts) -> MyGroupMeBotPlugin

Returns a my-groupme-bot plugin configured with the given options.


  • opts :
      imgflip: {
        username: string,
        password: string
      groupme: {
        accessToken: string
    An options object containing your Imgflip username and password, and your GroupMe access token.

bot.imgflip(id, name, desc, example, transform) -> bot

Adds a command to the bot which allows users to fill out the meme with the specified id.


  • id : number - The id of the meme to fill out. The top 100 memes can be found at this link.
  • name : string - The name to use for the command.
  • description : string | undefined | null - A description for the command. Will be displayed by the help command if the help function is called on the bot. Pass null or undefined for no description.
  • example : Array<string> - An array of strings which indicates the number of arguments expected for the meme as well as indicating which argument is for which label of the image. The array is joined by commas for displaying the usage as shown in the example.
  • transform : (args : Array<string>) -> Array<string> (Optional) - A function which maps the arguments given by the user to be used for the labeling the meme. The example above capitalizes the provided strings. The returned array can be of a different length than the original array.



Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Running Tests

Install dev dependencies:

$ npm i -d && npm test


Tomer Aberbach


MIT Tomer Aberbach

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