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Nic Juice 2 Japan (NJ2JP):

E-commerce store providing nicotine vape juice to Japanese customers faster than anyone.

  • Deployed using Serverless | AWS Lambda | AWS S3.
  • Backend API = GraphQL.
  • Database utilizes a Mongo Cluster with 3 nodes. 2 Full + 1 Arbiter.
  • Client-side API requests are generated from Apollo Client wrapped components.
  • Other Client-side API requests are generated using redux-sagas and the npm library api-sauce that adds an abstraction layer to axios.
  • The rest of the app sits on React.js & React Router(V3)* (with Code splitting), Redux & Redux Persist (with WebStorage).

Cloud Architecture

Site Address

Nic Juice 2 Japan.

  • ☝🏼 That site is under Heavy Development and may at times, not be working. Will update here once availability is 100%.

Splash Preview


  • npm i || yarn to install dependencies
  • npm start for development server
  • npm run build for production server


  • touch .gitignore I use a global .gitignore_global file so you should add your own so as not to push node_modules/ once you've completed npm i.
  • brew update
  • brew install libpng for webpack image loader (image-webpack-loader see here)


  1. I Highly recommend running npm update --save || yarn upgrade to update package.json &/or yarn.lock before running npm start or npm run build.
  2. You may need to do a brew update for some of the webpack image loaders to properly work.
  3. If you're following our strategy and deploying the static site to Amazon S3, then you can also run deploy-to-s3. Be sure to modify the bucket name.


  • Uses webpack version 2.0.
  • Node engine explicitly defined in package.json for [email protected].
  • If you are not compliant with these versions, it's HIGHLY recommended you update.


  1. API's

* []( | Exchange Rates.
* []( | Tax Rates.
* []( | IP address & Geolocation.
* [Auth0]( | User Management | Auth0 solutions.
* [Square]( | Payment Services via Connect API.
* [Market Hero]( | Marketing API.
* [Serverless]( | Framework covering AWS Lambda.
* [AWS SES]( | Email Notifications.
* [AWS SNS]( | Receiving Backend Push Notifications.
* [AWS S3]( | Static asset hosting.
* [AWS Route 53]( | DNS routing.
* [AWS CloudFront]( | Latency reduction via CDN.
* [AWS Lambda]( | All Backend Services.
* [AWS Api-Gateway]( | HTTP endpoints for Lambda services.
  1. Libraries & Packages

* Uses _recompose_ for customized Higher Order Component implementation.
* Uses _apisauce_ for API calls.
* Uses _react-router-redux_ for dispatching route changes & tracking nav history via redux.
* Uses _apollo-grpahql_ for providing API calls directly to componenents.
* Uses _redux-persist_ for long term browser caching.
* Uses _redux-sagas_ for dispatching and handling async actions.
* Uses _redux_sauce_ for creating reducers.
* Uses _redux-logger_ for informative dev. workflow @ devtools console.  
* Uses _redux-devtools-extension_ for  dev. workflow @ devtools console.
* Uses _babel-node_ for latest ECMA version transpiling of dev-backend and Hot reloading.
* Uses _BEM_ syntax styling for classNames.
* Uses _Airbnb Style Guide_.


  1. Redux Reducers:

* This bp's Redux reducer methods rely on the developer to customize the logic to maintain immutability of state. This was done _intentionally_ to strengthen developers abilities in manipulating state.  If this feels cumbersome, I highly recommend using _seamless-immutable_ (refs below) to outsource this process in a very clean, and simple way.
  1. Helper Libraries:

* [apisauce](
* [redux-logger](
* [redux-devtools-extension](
* [redux-saga](
* [ramda](
  1. Suggested Libraries:

* [redux-sauce](
* [seamless-immutable](
  1. Setting up S3 automation:

* See setup instructions [HERE](
  1. Data Model Documentation:

* [Product Model](
* [User Model](

Important Launch Notes:

  1. Modifiy LAMBDA_GRAPHQL env variable throughout src/ application to point to the production database & lambda endpoint.
  2. Modify the serverless MONGO_URI env variable inside the AWS console dashboard.

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