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Poly is a Go package for engineering organisms.

  • Fast: Poly is fast and scalable.

  • Modern: Poly tackles issues that other libraries and utilities just don't. From general codon optimization and primer design to circular sequence hashing. All written in a language that was designed to be fast, scalable, and easy to develop in and maintain. Did we say it was fast?

  • Reproducible: Poly is well tested and designed to be used in industrial, academic, and hobbyist settings. No more copy and pasting strings into random websites to process the data you need.

  • Ambitious: Poly's goal is to be the most complete, open, and well used collection of computational synthetic biology tools ever assembled. If you like our dream and want to support us please star this repo, request a feature, open a pull request, or sponsor the project.



  • Discord: Chat about Poly and join us for game nights on our discord server!


  • Code of conduct: Please read the full text so you can understand what we're all about and remember to be excellent to each other!

  • Contributor's guide: Please read through it before you start hacking away and pushing contributions to this fine codebase.


  • Sponsor: 🤘 Thanks for your support 🤘


  • MIT

  • Copyright (c) 2021 Timothy Stiles

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